CAT 5e Patch Panel with 48 ICMPP0485e 1000 Ports and 2 RMS

CAT5e Patch Panel with 48 Ports and 2 RMS

ICC’s CAT5e patch panels offer a cost-effective solution to achieve high performance that exceeds ANSI/TIA-568 Category CAT5e standards. Patch panel rear cable management bars are available to mount onto 110-type patch panels for rear cable support. The panels come pre-configured for T568A/B wiring.

February 2019: ICC Offers Full Compliance Patch Panels


At ICC, we do not believe in minimum standard, cheap patch panels; we only manufacture full compliance panels with PoE++ 100W rating, UL® safety rating, solderless PCB, ETL® verified performance to TIA® component spec, 50μ” gold-plated contacts to FCC spec, and more. Even with all these features, ICC patch panels are still priced 40%-60% less than big brands, helping ICC …

July 2018: ICC Offers Component, PoE 100W Rated Patch Panels


Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP02460 CAT5e ICMPP0245E CAT6A ICMPP0246B Voice 6P6C ICMPP024U6 6-Pack CAT6 ICMPP2460V CAT5e ICMPP0245E Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP04860 CAT5e ICMPP0485E CAT6A ICMPP0486B Voice 6P6C ICMPP048U6 6-Pack CAT6 ICMPP4860V CAT5e ICMPP485EV Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP12V60 CAT5e ICMPP12V5E Voice 6P6C ICMPP012U6 6-Pack CAT6 ICMPP1260V CAT5e ICMPP125EV Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP12F6E CAT5e ICMPP12F5E

Labeling Solutions


ICC Part Number Description Port Spacing Tape Width ICMPP12V5E CAT5e 12-Port, Vertical Mount, 110-Type Patch Panel 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP0245E CAT5e 24-Port, 110-Type, Patch Panel, 1U 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP0485E CAT5e 48-Port, 110-Type, Patch Panel, 2U 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP12V60 CAT6 12-Port, Vertical Mount, 110-Type Patch Panel 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP02460 CAT6 24-Port, 110-Type, Patch Panel, 1U 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) …

Elite Installer Promotions

Free JackEasy Tool with Purchase of 400 JacksElite Installers who purchase 400 or more data and voice jacks in one calendar month from an ICC Authorized Distributor may receive one JackEasyTM termination tool. Mix and match CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT 5e, EZ® and HD! How to redeem this promo: Email your qualifying invoices with your Elite ID # to …