CAT 5e Patch Panel with 48 ICMPP0485e 1000 Ports and 2 RMS

CAT5e Patch Panel with 48 Ports and 2 RMS

ICC’s CAT5e patch panels offer a cost-effective solution to achieve high performance that exceeds ANSI/TIA-568 Category CAT5e standards. Patch panel rear cable management bars are available to mount onto 110-type patch panels for rear cable support. The panels come pre-configured for T568A/B wiring. Features Rack mounted CAT5e component rated patch panel. Excellent performance for data networks. Enhanced crosstalk cancellation reduces …

February 2019: ICC Offers Full Compliance Patch Panels


At ICC, we do not believe in minimum standard, cheap patch panels; we only manufacture full compliance panels with PoE++ 100W rating, UL® safety rating, solderless PCB, ETL® verified performance to TIA® component spec, 50μ” gold-plated contacts to FCC spec, and more. Even with all these features, ICC patch panels are still priced 40%-60% less than big brands, helping ICC …

July 2018: ICC Offers Component, PoE 100W Rated Patch Panels


Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP02460 CAT5e ICMPP0245E CAT6A ICMPP0246B Voice 6P6C ICMPP024U6 6-Pack CAT6 ICMPP2460V CAT5e ICMPP0245E Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP04860 CAT5e ICMPP0485E CAT6A ICMPP0486B Voice 6P6C ICMPP048U6 6-Pack CAT6 ICMPP4860V CAT5e ICMPP485EV Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP12V60 CAT5e ICMPP12V5E Voice 6P6C ICMPP012U6 6-Pack CAT6 ICMPP1260V CAT5e ICMPP125EV Single Pack CAT6 ICMPP12F6E CAT5e ICMPP12F5E

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ICC Part Number Description Port Spacing Tape Width ICMPP12V5E CAT5e 12-Port, Vertical Mount, 110-Type Patch Panel 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP0245E CAT5e 24-Port, 110-Type, Patch Panel, 1U 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP0485E CAT5e 48-Port, 110-Type, Patch Panel, 2U 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP12V60 CAT6 12-Port, Vertical Mount, 110-Type Patch Panel 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) ICMPP02460 CAT6 24-Port, 110-Type, Patch Panel, 1U 0.6″ 3/8″ (9mm) …