ICC's Amazon Strategy for Distributors and Resellers:

ICC products have been very popular on Amazon.com. However, many resellers post ICC products in various formats. Most have inaccurate product pictures or specifications, causing end-users confusion. Therefore, ICC has been proactively taking ownership and managing all ICC product postings on Amazon.com.

Amazon.com is a seller-managed marketplace. Amazon will only allow active sellers to post and manage content. ICC cannot post products and manage contents if ICC is not an active seller. Therefore, ICC has established a storefront in an attempt to manage ICC product contents. However, unlike most big brands, ICC has no interest in competing with its distributors or resellers. Following are the methodologies ICC deployed.

  • Amazon.com controls the seller's pricing: If a seller's pricing is too high from the norm, Amazon.com will remove the listing. Amazon pushes down market prices so consumers will flock to Amazon.com (monopoly?). Therefore, ICC prices all products at MSRP on Amazon.com but add a $10 handling fee, a high shipping fee, and an extended lead-time.
  • Amazon.com controls the availability: If our product listing is not in stock, Amazon will remove our posting also. Therefore, ICC posts only ONE piece in stock for most items.
  • "Ship and Sold by Amazon": Unlike most big brands, ICC does not sell to Amazon. Amazon must purchase from our distributors to offer "Ship and Sold by Amazon."
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon): ICC does not participate in FBA either.
  • ASIN: All ICC active parts have an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) assigned. ASIN is on the most recent published ICC price list.

Questions? Email cs@icc.com or contact your Regional Sales Manager.