21″ Empty Wiring Enclosure

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These residential enclosure are designed for homes, multi-unit buildings, and retrofitting existing homes. ICC residential enclosures are aggressively priced while still providing all of the features and benefits required for managing and installing structured cabling for voice, data, and video applications within the residence. It has space to accommodate multiple modules, knockouts for cable routing, pad lock option for access restriction, and designed for either surface or in wall mounting. Our residential solutions enable home builders and residential installers to provide the residential connectivity home buyers expect and within budget. Designed to serve as the central distribution point for voice, data, video, audio, and security services for smaller residential structured wiring systems.


  • Designed with steel construction, white powder coated, lightweight and sturdy.
  • Allows for internal modules to be mounted.
  • Either horizontally or vertically facilitating easier layout.
  • Integrated snap-in module system enables users to quickly insert.
  • Supports up to 6 ICCMSCMPT1 or ICCMSCMPT2 Cable Management Rings.
  • Includes 4 top, 3 bottom, 4 rear, and 2 side knockouts for routing cables.
  • As well as 4 cable tie points.
  • Includes a knockout for an optional AC power outlet.
  • (not included) to provide power distribution.
  • Fits between 16” studs with 12 internal module mounting spaces or wall mounted.
  • Designed with a door latch and an optional door lock knockout.
  • Hinged door and NET MEDIA CENTER insert are reversible for opening.
  • Accommodates all of ICRESXXXXX residential modules.
  • Used with optional accessories including ICRDSDCAC2
  • ICRESDCAC3 distribution center plastic grommets.
  • ICRDSDC2LK distribution center door lock.
  • Flush mounted door overlaps ¾” to conceal any uneven drywall cuts.
  • Enclosures are not designed to be installed in firewall applications.
  • Complies with UL 1863, TIA-568-C, TIA-570-B and TIA-607 standards.


Material: 20 GA CRS
Surface Finish: White Powder Coat

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