Decorex Voice Insert 6P6C F-Type IC630DVFWH
Decorex Voice Insert 6P6C F-Type IC630DVFWH
Decorex Voice Insert 6P6C F-Type Back IC630DVFWH
Decorex Voice Insert 6P6C F-Type Side IC630DVFWH

Decorex Voice Insert with 6P6C and F-Type

Discontinued – Inventory is limited

Insert Style: 1 Voice 6P6C Screw Terminal and 1 F-Type
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  • Decorex Voice Insert 6P6C F-Type IC630DVFWH
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Country of Origin: China

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ICC offers Decorex inserts. ICC’s Decorex inserts are designed to work with Decorex faceplates, or commonly known as wall plates. Decorex Voice inserts with 6p6c and F-type fill the open space making the outlet appear as one complete piece and aesthetically pleasing. Decorex inserts are configured to fit a standard single gang outlet box. These Decorex inserts are made of tough ABS plastic for long-lasting use and comply with UL 94 plastics flammability standard.


  • Designed for all voice connectivity, audio, and video applications.
  • Gold plated F-type connector for improved performance.
  • Designed to support a multitude of high tech communication.
  • With contemporary styling for residential or commercial applications.
  • Provided with traditional screw down terminals on the rear.
  • Designed to use both RG6 and RG59 coaxial cables on the rear side.
  • Rear threaded F-Type connector for secure in-wall connections.
  • Fits standard NEMA electrical boxes.
  • Designed for a consistent look with standard decorator style faceplates.
  • Compatible with all Decorex faceplates.
  • Used with ICC line cords.


Material: ABS, UL, 94V-0
Finish Glossy
Wiring Block:
Material: ABS, UL, 94V-0
Spring Wire Contacts: Phosphor bronze gold plating over 100 micro inches of nickel
Gold Plating: 1.27 micron/50 micro inch min
Wire Leads: 26 AWG stranded wire
Termination Screws: #6-20 x .415 flat pan head tapping screws with two washers 15 lbs/inch min torque zinc chromatic plated steel
Termination Lugs: Brass
Current Rating: 1.5 AMP max
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1000 volts RMS, 60 Hz
Contact Resistance: < 20 milliohms
Insulation Resistance: > 10 Megaohms
Performance: Return loss of -20 dB max
Frequency Range DC -1.5 GHz
Total Mating Force: 500 grams of 6 wires lead
Retention: 17 lbs between jack and plug
Crimp Tensile Strength: 4.0-500 lbs
F-Type Female-to-Female Connector:
Material: Bronze with 3-micron gold plating
Holding Force > 80 grams
F-Type Connector Threads: 3/8-32 UNEF-2A
Return Loss of -20 dB max
Frequency Range DC -1.5 GHz
Contact Resistance: < 10 mohms
Insulation Resistance: > 5000 mohms
Color XX: AL-Almond and WH-White