Rack Shelf with 2 RMS and 4 Adjustable Post


ICC is complimenting its 7′, 4-Post Distribution Rack with two new rack shelves — a Vented Bottom Fixed Shelf and Solid Bottom Adjustable Shelf. These heavy-duty shelves are designed to place heavy equipment, such as large servers, UPS, and computer networking equipment. Now you can offer your customers a high quality 4-Post rack solution at a great affordable price!

ICC’s Vented Bottom Fixed Shelf measures a maximum depth of 32″ from front to rear. It is designed to provide air flow to ventilate equipment underneath; it is compliant with the EIA-310-D standard. ICC’s Solid Bottom Adjustable Shelf measures 27″ from front to rear. It is designed to be adjusted up to 32″ to meet your depth requirement changes and is also compliant with the EIA-310-D standard. These shelves offer your customers the perfect solution to organize equipment rooms, telecom rooms, and data centers applications.


  • Designed with durable steel construction; black powder coated.
  • Accommodates bulky equipment with more depth capability.
  • Supports up to 125 lbs. load capacity.
  • Designed to fit standard 19” racks and cabinets.
  • 2 rack mount space (RMS).
  • Compatible with 4 post distribution racks.


Material: 16 GA CRS
Surface Finish: Black Powder Coat