No Private Label

There have been rumors suggesting that ICC manufactures store-brand products for certain distributors. While we are flattered by the rumors, we want you to know that ICC does not and will not manufacture store-brand products for any distributor and here’s why:

ICC’s distribution network

  • ICC has a nationwide and diverse distribution network with hundreds of distributors. Many of our distribution partners have been selling ICC products for decades. If we privately label the store-brand for one distributor, ICC risks alienating all other loyal distribution partners. ICC’s goal is to maintain a trusting relationship with our distribution partners.
  • The only manufacturers that are willing to private label store-brands are the ones with no distribution network, so they have nothing to lose. Maybe because their products are not as good quality? This scenario is evident in the consumer supermarkets that the store-brand products are never as good as the manufacturer-branded products.

Factory-direct support from ICC

  • Every product that ICC manufactures will always bear the ICC logo so that we can stand by the quality of our products and provide support to our installers.
  • For example, ICC’s patch panels embedded the latest PC board technology with solderless IDCs and multi-layer, cross-talk cancellation capacitors. It uses high-strength, high-retention contacts that can withstand hundreds of insertions. You will not find these technologies in store-brand patch panels.
  • You will not find a credible, manufacturer-direct, 15-year or Lifetime system performance warranty from a store-brand either.

ICC stands apart as a value-leader with over 37 years of original product lines. Our authenticity shows through the designs and details of our product lines. We work closely with our distribution partners to provide the best pricing and service to our installers. If you are looking for quality, high-performing products at a reasonable price and want a strong manufacturer to stand behind your installations, always look for the ICC logo.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty; we look forward to completing many projects with you in the future.