Small & Mid-sized Installers

ICC tailors its solutions to small and medium-sized installers to help them win more projects.
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Save up to
Big Brands

High Profit Margin

ICC prices are low, up to 60% lower compared to the big brands; so our Elite Installers can increase their margin and win more projects.

Non-Spec Projects

ICC focuses only on non-spec projects. We help our Elite Installers win those projects over the expensive spec brands.
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Full Compliance

ICC doesn’t believe in “minimum compliance.” In fact, ICC makes sure every product achieves FULL COMPLIANCE! Full copper gauge, UL certified, exceeds test standards by 6 dB, REELEX II™ tangle-free, and double wall carton are just a few of our standards for premise cables.
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Elite Installer™ Program

The Elite Installer Program is a reseller program that forms a partnership and loyalty between installers and ICC. Earn free tools, offer performance warranties, and more!

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Product Spotlight

28" Plastic Wiring Enclosure

28 inch Plastic Wiring Enclosure - Model K
Improved Wi-Fi Range
Improved Wi-Fi Range
Made of ABS Plastic
0.100 inch Gauge Plastic
0.1" Thick Plastic
Stronger than the big brands
Vented Cover
Includes Vented Doors
Protects modules from heat
Mud Guard
Includes a Mud Guard
Protects from the rough-in phase
Two-Piece Enclosure
Two-Piece Enclosure
Saves space and shipping cost
Power Knockouts
Built-in Power Knockouts
Works with AC power outlets (not included)
UL Logo
UL® Listed
Fire-rated for safety
TAA Compliant
TAA Compliant
For government projects
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The Trade Agreement Act (TAA) requires that the U.S. Government (including GSA) may acquire only U.S. - made or certain “designated country” end products. This means that all products must be either manufactured or “substantially transformed” in the U.S. or a TAA compliant country.

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