ICC Elite Installer Excels in Data Cabling Project for Custom Metal Manufacturer

ICC Success Stories

Shiner, TX – An ICC Elite Installer recently secured a significant data cabling project with a leading custom metal manufacturer in Shiner, Texas. This project aimed to enhance the manufacturer’s network infrastructure to meet the growing demands of their operations.

The Challenge: The custom metal manufacturer required a robust and high-speed data cabling system to support their operations efficiently. They faced the challenge of outdated cabling infrastructure, which hindered their data transfer speeds and productivity. The ICC Elite Installer was tasked with updating the entire cabling system to modern standards.

The Solution: The ICC Elite Installer implemented a high-performance solution. They utilized 64,000 feet of solid Cat6A FTP cable, specifically designed for high-performance networking. This cabling was complemented by 250 J-hooks to ensure secure and organized cable management. To support connectivity throughout the facility, 80 Cat6A shielded FTP jacks were expertly installed.

Enhanced Connectivity: The project also included the installation of 74 faceplates with ID labeling, 126 Elite Surface Mount Boxes to accommodate various modules, and 20 front finger duct panels for cable routing. To ensure flexibility and future expansion, 12 blank Cat6A FTP patch panels were incorporated into the network design.

Fiber Network Integration: Recognizing the importance of fiber-optic connectivity, the ICC Elite Installer seamlessly integrated a fiber network into the solution. Four rack enclosures, each housing three panels, were installed. This allowed the custom metal manufacturer to leverage LGX adapter panels with quad LC connectors for optical connectivity.

Results: Upon project completion, the custom metal manufacturer experienced a significant improvement in their network infrastructure. The enhanced data cabling system facilitated faster data transfer speeds, reduced downtime, and improved overall efficiency. The manufacturer was now well-equipped to meet the demands of their operations, ensuring seamless communication and data flow.

About ICC Elite Installers: ICC Elite Installers are skilled professionals known for their excellence in network infrastructure projects. They ensure that installations are not only efficient but also adhere to industry standards, including TIA® specifications.