Empowering Communication: A Practical Network Setup for a Maine Hospital

ICC Success Stories

In a hospital in Maine, the goal of establishing effective communication for optimal patient care and operational efficiency resulted in a data cabling contract won by an ICC Elite Installer.

The Challenge:

The hospital sought to upgrade its communication network. The ICC Elite Installer was brought in to create a network solution that seamlessly integrated with existing operations.

The Solution:

The ICC Elite Installer provided a straightforward solution. A 7-foot, 45 RMS distribution rack became the central point of the network. Wall-mounted hinged brackets and vertical finger ducts mounted to the rack ensured efficient use of space and easy maintenance. Front finger duct panels, organized at 2 RMS each, simplified cable management.

The core of the network featured high-performance components like 48-port, 2 RMS Cat 6 and Cat 6A patch panels. These were paired with Cat 6 and Cat 6A keystone jacks in various colors, offering flexibility to meet the hospital’s diverse communication needs.

Details included 1-gang flat faceplates for 1, 2, and 4-port configurations. F-type nickel-plated modules provided a reliable connection for high-frequency signals. The installer’s attention extended to the choice of cabling – a 23AWG 4-Pair CMR-rated Cat 6 cable, spanning 3000 feet, forming a robust foundation for seamless data flow.

The Impact:

The deployment of these solutions empowered the Maine hospital with an upgraded communication network. The ICC Elite Installer’s straightforward approach not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a solution that improves patient care, streamlines operations, and positions the hospital as a technological leader in healthcare.