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Why Sell ICC?

  • Increase your profit margin with non-spec’d installers.
  • Offer a cost-effective alternative to big name brands on non-spec'd projects for walk-in business.
  • Provide exclusive project discounts on project quotes for ICC's Elite Installers™.
  • Expand your customer base through access to thousands of loyal Elite Installers.
  • Receive free ground freight allowed at $1,500 (net invoice value) on all products including cables, racks, and all heavy items within the continental 48 US states.

What Does ICC Sell?

ICC offers nine product categories to select from. Our top-selling six categories are jacks & faceplates, patch panels, bulk cables, fiber optic systems, racks & cable management, and residential enclosures. Installers prefer ICC because we have a versatile product line that offers options in voice, data, audio, video, fiber optic, and more to accommodate all projects, residential and commercial alike.

Our other supportive connectivity options include:

  • Cords and Cable Assemblies
  • Raceway and Wiring Ducts
  • Tools & Accessories

All products are rated and perform to industry standards. Plus, ICC is one of the few manufacturers to authorize their Certified Elite Installers™ to offer their customers a Lifetime Performance Warranty™ on the system they install.

How to Buy ICC?

Email cs@icc.com to place an order. If you need help, call 800.993.3333 to speak to your Regional Manager.

  • ICC Portal: icc.com/portal provides authorized distributors with product pricing, availability, and order history. Email cs@icc.com for secure login information.
  • Minimum Order Fee: A $15 handling fee applies to orders less than $150.
  • Drop Shipment Orders: A $15 handling fee applies to dropship orders.
  • 30-Day Return: A 10% handling fee applies to returns within 30 days.


ICC is a manufacturing company that focuses on the needs of small to mid-size installers. We provide top-of-the-line products that are competitively priced. As an ICC Authorized Distributor, you will be able to service your customers in the following ways:

  • Competitive product lines
  • Project discounts for customers (installers)
  • Consistent availability in inventory
  • and more!

Plus, you will have access to a vast customer base, which increases your profit margin and propels your distributorship.

Become a distributor today! Call 800.993.3333 and talk to your Regional Manager.