ICC Now Offers 66 Wiring Blocks with Pre-terminated Modular Connectors!

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(La Mirada, CA) – ICC’s pre-terminated 66 wiring blocks are designed to reduce time and labor expense by providing pre-terminated connections that are ready to connect to equipment; such as PBX systems, telephone key systems, and other low voltage telecom equipment. They are available in three different configurations to support both CAT 5e data and voice applications. ICC’s pre-terminated 66 wiring blocks comes in 12-Port RJ-45 8 Position 8 Conductor, 12-Port RJ-11 6 Position 4 Conductor, and 8-Port RJ-11 6 Position 6 Conductor. The 66 wiring blocks are designed to be wall mounted and comes with a hinged cover to protect terminations.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for commercial and residential use. For more information contact ICC at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422).

Event link:  ICC now offers 66 wiring blocks with pre-terminated modular connectors!Link:  www.icc.com/patch-panels-cross-connect-wiring-system-c-35_169.html

ICC’s new HiPerlink Solution – Pre-terminated Copper Cable Assemblies!

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(La Mirada, CA)

ICC announces the release of its HiPerlink Pre-terminated Copper Solution. ICC is long known for its line of structured cabling products; such as modular connectors, patch panels, patch cords, cable management, UTP cable, and a lot more. Now ICC has brought them together offering installers the capability of ordering customized cable assemblies.

ICC’s HiPerlink Pre-terminated Copper Solution includes pre-configured options using CAT6e and CAT6A STP cables in five (5) different configurations and lengths of 25 ft., 50 ft., and 100 ft. These customized options enable installers the opportunity to save time and labor with faster installations using assemblies built to specific requirements. These assemblies are factory built, pre-terminated and pre-tested to exceed the industry’s TIA performance standards. The cable assemblies provide the pipelines for data rooms, small offices, and temporary networks. The demand for build-to-order assembles has increased as businesses seek to utilize their labor more effectively and accomplish more projects while increasing their profit margins in today’s challenging business environment.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for commercial, industrial, medical, government and residential use.

We Now Offer 19” Blank Panel ValuePacks!

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In addition to our current single packs, we are now offering 19” blank panels in ValuePacks.  Blank panel ValuePacks come in resealable boxes for easy storage. Our 1 and 2 rack mount space (RMS) blank panels come 12 pieces per box; 3 and 4 RMS panels come 6 pieces per box.  ValuePacks allows installers to save money buying in bulk and offer distributors an opportunity to sell in large quantities, simplify inventory and maximize product movement.


Additional features:

  • Designed to fill open spaces between mounted equipment
  • Designed to fill standard 19” racks and cabinets
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 RMS (Rack Mount Spaces)
  • Also available in single packs
  • Used with all ICCMS racks and brackets
  • Used with TIA/EIA compliant 19” wide racks, cabinets or wall mountable equipment

ICC is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential structured cabling products governed by strict ISO 9001:2008 standards. With 25 years of innovation, ICC products have established a reputation of premium quality, proven performance and competitive prices supporting voice, data, audio, video and fiber optic connectivity.


New Multi-media Panels for Residential Net.Media Centers!

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ICC announces two new blank multi-media patch panels to work with ICC residential Net.Media Centers. Choose from ICCs 4-port and 6-port high-density styles. With ICCs multi-media patch panels you can use any of ICCs data, voice, audio, video and even fiber optic modular connectors to allow for a fiber network in the home. Contractors now have the advantage to make quick adds, moves, and changes to their installations. Both panels have all steel construction with a glossy white finish and an open bottom to allow for better cable management.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

60,000 Feet of ICC’s UTP Cable Installed in New San Diego DMV branch!

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(San Diego, California) It was a big day for the Elite Installers when they decided to tackle a project to install cabling for San Diego based Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The project was originally specified to be cabled with another competitive brand of cable, but the Elite Installer chose to install ICC’s new UTP solid cable. Over 60,000 feet of UTP cable was pull and installed in the DMV; from the equipment room to the entire Work Areas. The Elite Installers did not sacrifice on quality or performance in making the change.

ICC’s UTP solid cable is performance tested to exceed TIA performance standards and supports high-speed Category 6e 550MHz and Category 5e 350MHz bandwidth transmission. ICC’s UTP cable is also UL® listed for highest quality and third-party verified by ETL® for guaranteed performance. The Elite Installers was able to bring their bottom line up and gain higher profit margins with ICC’s competitive prices; as a result they provided the DMV with a more reliable and dependable installation at a lower cost.

For more information about ICC’s new UTP Solid Cable, call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422)

Event link:  60,000 feet of ICC’s UTP cable installed in new San Diego DMV branch!

ICC Offers New MPO Fiber Optic Adapter Panel

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As an addition to ICC’s wide selection of LC, SC, and ST fiber optic adapter panels, ICC now offers a new MPO adapter panels. They are available in a 4-Port and High-Density 6-Port style. Both are designed to easily snap into ICC’s wide selection of Rack Mount Enclosures, Wall Mount Enclosures, and Fiber Optic Blank Patch Panels where MPO connectivity is required. Each MPO adapter comes with covers on each connector to protect them from dust. MPO fiber optic adapter panels have been tested to exceed TIA 568-B.3, IEC 11754-7, TIA/EIA FOCIS 5, and support IEEE 802.3ae for 10Gig applications.

Multimedia Environments Demand USB connectivity in Wall Outlets

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ICC releases two new USB modular couplers:
Type A-A with female to female connectors
Type A-B with female to female connectors (reversible)

ICC’s USB coupler is an aesthetically pleasing solution when installed in an ICC faceplate or surface mount box as a permanent USB receptacle. The reversible feature of type A-to-B USB coupler allows either type A or type B connector to be facing out.

With the increased usage of computer devices and peripherals in multimedia environments such as conference and classrooms, the demand for complimentary outlet connectivity has grown. USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become a de facto standard connection for peripheral devices. Devices now include telephones, digital cameras, modems, keyboards, mice, joysticks, external storage drives, scanners, and printers. USB connectivity most likely will not go away anytime soon.

ICC is one of the few low voltage manufacturers to introduce a USB modular coupler to provide connectivity compatible with an assortment of outlets and blank panels. ICC is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions in commercial and residential markets in voice, data, and audio, and video and fiber optic connectivity products.

Type A-to-A USB Coupler – Now
Type A-to-B USB Coupler – 4th Quarter, 2010

Toughest Distribution Enclosure in the Industry

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New to the ICC Net.Media™ Centerline is the 9” tough plastic distribution enclosure.

The new 9” Net.Media™ Center is designed to provide a distribution point for voice, data, audio/video and security of multiple-unit buildings. The enclosure’s design allows for internal modules to be mounted horizontally or vertically and its integrated snap-in module system enables users to quickly insert or move modules. Multiple knock-outs on top, bottom, back and sides support 2” conduit and facilitate cable routing and entry. Other features include an AC power outlet knock-out and padlock option for added security. Enclosures can be surface or flush-mounted and accommodate all Net.Media™ VDV Modules. The enclosure’s ABS molded plastic (UL94 VO rated) makeup keeps an equal, or better than, durability level as metal enclosures but at a lower cost. ICC’s 9” Net.Media Center proves to be tougher than other plastic enclosures from other manufacturers and is backed by ICC’s 3-Year Product Warranty.

ICC Elite Installer Installs CAT5e System for Environmental Services Company

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CA – A leader in environmental protection, solid waste, and recycling services needed to network both its two facilities in Fullerton and Santa Ana. The 25,000 square foot Fullerton location required 60 voice and data connections in two wiring closets. The 17,000 square foot Santa Ana location required 40 voice and data connections, also in two wiring closets. Both infrastructures support multi-user workstations and handle high bandwidth activity such as network servers, printers, VoIP phones, and employee time clocks.

Choosing the Right Structured Cabling System

An ICC Elite Installer was hired to install an ICC cabling system for both locations, selecting high-performance CAT5e data connectivity and premise cables. ICC 7-foot distribution racks were installed and loaded with CAT5e data patch panels and horizontal cable management.

Their Systems Engineer said, “By networking the locations with ICC cabling, we were able to combine voice and data network services in a much more efficient manner. This not only greatly reduced their monthly phone bill, but also has increased their overall operational efficiency, resulting in enhanced customer service.

The Benefits of Offering Manufacturer Warranty

As an ICC Certified Elite Installer, they were able to offer ICC’s manufacturer warranty to guarantee the quality and performance of the network installation. The installer said, “By offering ICC’s manufacturer warranty, we can set ourselves apart from our competition and offer our customers a quality product and service on every installation.

ICC Offers New CAT 6e and CAT 5e UTP Solid Cables!

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(La Mirada, CA) Thousands of contractors and installers are winning projects daily installing fully end-to-end ICC structured cabling systems with ICC’s new CAT 6e and CAT 5e CM and CMP rated UTP solid cables. These UTP solid cables are 100% tested and verified to exceed TIA/EIA 568-B.2 industry performance standard and are UL and cUL listed to ensure the highest quality. CAT 6e and CAT 5e UTP solid cables are available in 1000 feet convenient dispensing cartons. Each cable is constructed with sequential footage markings on the outer jacket for easy to measure usage tracking. These cables offer a competitive solution designed to provide the performance necessary for today’s demanding voice, data, video, and security applications in commercial and residential installations.
Features and Benefits

For over 20 years, ICC, a leading manufacturer of structured cabling products in both commercial and residential markets governed by strict ISO 9001:2000 standards; offering high-quality voice, data, audio, video, and fiber optic products. ICC is committed to offer premium quality products with proven performance, at affordable prices.
For more information about ICC’s new CAT 6e and CAT 5e UTP solid cables, call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422)

  • CAT 5e 350 MHz and CAT 6e 550 MHz CM/CMP (Plenum) Rated
  • Conductor: 24AWG Bare Solid Copper for CAT 5e and 23AWG for CAT 6e
  • Convenient dispensing via EZ® Pull (CAT 5e) and Reel-in-a-Box (CAT 6e)
  • Sequential footage markings
  • Meets TIA/EIA 568-B.2 (CAT 5e) and TIA/EIA 568B.2.1 (CAT 6) standards and ETL listed
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Available jacket color: Blue

ICC Now Offers Two New Rack Shelves!

ICC Press Releases

ICC now offers two new rack shelves; a Vented Bottom Fixed Shelf and a Solid Bottom Adjustable Shelf that is designed to work with ICC’s 7′ 4-Post Distribution Racks.

These heavy-duty shelves are designed to place heavy equipment; such as large servers, UPS, and computer networking equipment.

ICC’s Vented Bottom Fixed Shelf measures a maximum depth of 32″ from front to rear. It is designed to provide air flow to ventilate equipment underneath and is compliant with the EIA-310-D standard.

ICC’s Solid Bottom Adjustable Shelf measures 27″ from front to rear. It is designed to be adjusted up to 32″ to meet your depth requirement changes and is compliant with the EIA-310-D standard.

These shelves are the perfect solutions for contractors to organize equipment rooms, telecom rooms, and data centers applications. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422).

Cabling a New Framework at an Orthopedic Medical Center

ICC Press Releases

VA – Even during today’s tough economic times, an ICC Certified Elite Installer has continued to excel due to their commitment to providing outstanding customer satisfaction. They not only maintain a high level of professionalism and technical service, they require it of their suppliers as well. The installer did not find it difficult to make ICC their sole structured cabling product line provider. ICC’s dedication to providing superior service, premium quality products at affordable prices and their loyalty to contractors is what made the decision so easy. The installer’s Sales Manager says, “It’s the outstanding feedback from customers and our very own technicians that keep us installing the ICC product line.” For the latest project, an orthopedic medical center, they knew ICC would meet all of their installation demands and help the installation run smoothly. The Certified Elite Installer constructed the 85,000 square foot medical facility’s entire network infrastructure into three telecommunications rooms. All three rooms were connected to medical equipment, telephones, computers, multi-media, computer-telephony and patient therapy environments. The installation utilized ICC’s distribution racks, cable management, and Category 6 (CAT6) components. ICC’s lightweight, durable and easy-to-install distribution racks were the perfect choice for the large installation. All the distribution racks were floor mounted using ICC’s floor mounting kit. Within the framework, the installer installed ICC’s CAT6 EZ® high-performance patch panels. The 110 IDC termination design allowed ample space for the cable routing and the single-row pair wiring design required no splitting of pairs, making the termination process quick and easy. Added benefits to using ICC’s CAT6 EZ patch panels were their backward compatibility with lower category-rated products and ability to support any type of installation requirement. The installer explained, “All racks are “easy-patch”, meaning one can easily move computer and telephone clients by simply moving a patch cord. All equipment was installed to be easily accessed by [staff members]—from the ICC ladder rack down to the lowest shelf on each rack.” To ensure the proper function of the installer’s “easy-patch” system, they used ICC’s multi-media blank patch panels and slim-line booted patch cords. All the blank patch panels were integrated with ICC’s CAT6 modular connectors. Within a typical channel, patch cords are commonly considered the weakest link. However, because ICC’s CAT6 patch cords are engineered with 50 micro-inch gold plated contacts, the installer knew they’d deliver maximum performance. The installer said, “99.999% of the ICC runs tested [perfectly] the first time!” ICC’s dual-sided horizontal and vertical finger duct panels were used to route and organize the infrastructure’s cabling. The vertical ducts were used in-between the racks to support vertical cabling while the horizontal ducts were used in-between each patch panel to follow the standard network rack design. To support the backbone cabling, the Certified Elite Installer used ICC’s 10 foot and 5 foot ladder rack runways, ceiling rods and swivel butt splices. Removable covers were added to provide the finishing touches and made the entire installation aesthetically clean and professional. As ICC Certified Technicians, they were able to offer the ICC 30-Year Certified Site Cabling System Warranty. By doing so, the orthopedic medical center knew their cabling installation would be reliable and continue to operate at peak performance. Today, the ICC Certified Elite Installer’s quality installation is successfully supporting the center’s patients and employees. During these tough times, ICC helps Certified and Elite Installers, as well as thousands of other contractors to grow and profit. ICC’s continuous offering of premium quality products and service play a key part in the award-winning success of this installer; who has recently been nominated for “Company of the Year”. Their Sales Manager says, “Everyone benefits from ICC’s premium quality and reliable structured cabling systems.”

For over 20 years ICC has been a leading manufacturer of structured cabling products in both commercial and residential markets governed by strict ISO 9001:2000 standards; offering high-quality voice, data, audio, video, and fiber optic products. ICC is committed to offer premium quality products with proven performance, at affordable prices. For more information about ICC’s structured cabling products, call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422).

New 4-Post Distribution Rack

ICC Press Releases

(La Mirada, CA) The ICC 4-Post Distribution Rack provides a sturdy, cost-effective solution for supporting large rack-mountable network communications equipment in telecom/data rooms and other network facilities. The rack has a maximum adjustable depth of 32 inches, providing the flexibility to accommodate small and large equipment installations. The rack’s adjustable depth and added stability make them particularly suited for heavier and deeper equipment that may exceed the load capacity of a standard 2-post rack. The racks conform to all TIA/EIA standards for 19″ equipment mounting.

The ICC 4-Post Distribution Rack combines the mounting stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open frame rack providing easy access to equipment and cabling. The open frame design gives you complete access to all sides of network equipment such as voice/data switches, servers, and routers. It also provides maximum airflow and ventilation to help keep equipment temperature under control.

The rack corner posts are C-shaped to provide front and rear support for 19″ rack mountable network equipment, rack mountable shelves, and cable management panels. Mounting holes are threaded allowing quick installation of equipment or shelves. The ICC 4-Post Distribution Rack is compatible with all ICC rack and cable management accessories. The base of the frame is pre-punched for easy floor installation using the ICC Rack Installation Hardware Kit.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422)

ICC Offers New Pre-terminated CAT 5e 66-Wiring Blocks!

ICC Press Releases

(La Mirada, CA) ICC’s new CAT 5e 66 Wiring Blocks are pre-terminated with Telco connectors to provide a clear demarcation point between the Telephone Company and customer-owned equipment. Supporting both voice and CAT 5e data applications, they are designed for the quick installation of cables, telephone systems, PBX systems, and other low voltage telecommunications equipment.

Each 66-Wiring Block is pre-terminated and factory tested saving precious termination time and hours of labor. Designed for wall installations, the 66-Wiring Block is pre-mounted on an 89D bracket. It includes a hinged orange cover to protect terminations from dust and dirt.

ICC’s new CAT 5e 66 Wiring Blocks are available with one (1) pre-terminated 25-Pair female Telco connector or two (2) pre-terminated 50-Pair female Telco connector.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

ICC Announces New RGB-VGA Decorex Inserts!

ICC Press Releases

ICC has a new RGB/VGA Decorex Inserts for linking to plasma or LCD components. The 15-pin RGB is used for linking a display to a computer or any other video connections. This insert supports the three primary colors (red, green, and blue, or RGB) plus horizontal and vertical synchronization signals. The signals passes through unprocessed to ensure little to no signal loss when connecting from your computer or other video components. The Decorex insert also has two (2) blank ports on the bottom that can be customized with any ICC high density (HD) style modular connector for additional connectivity. These insert work with all ICCs Decorex faceplates: single, dual, triple and quad gang.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

ICC Announces 3GHz F-type Modular Connector!

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ICC now has 3 GHz F -type connectors that are available in gold or nickel plated and can be used for CATV and security systems. These new high performance connectors provide a clean connection point for wired electronics to wall outlets allowing cables to be hidden within the walls or cabinetry. They provide superior signal quality with minimal noise for today’s video and audio systems. They are fully compatible with all ICCs configurable faceplates and multi-media panels.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422)

Multimedia Mobile Patch Box

ICC Success Stories

ICC’s configurable Multimedia Mobile Patch is a perfect solution for many different applications including tradeshows, conferences, warehouses, temporary stations, training labs, point of sale terminals, and many other industrial locations.

This mobile box has six configurable openings that accept IC107 modules which include Voice, Data, CATV, HDMI, Component, USB, Speaker, and many other A/V modules. Installers can mix and match modules depending on the applications. Removable dust covers are included to cover voice and data modules only.

The mobile box has integrated screw holes to permanently secure to a location. The rugged PVC housing also can be left on the floor. Cable tie anchor is provided at the cable entry to provide strain relief when the cable bundle is pulled. There are two opening for optional mounting magnets to mount on metallic surface such as workstation dividers. The box has a labeling window for station identification.

Installers can purchase this box and configure themselves, or ICC can customize a pre-terminated bundle cable solutions for them. In summary, this multimedia is flexible, durable and easy to deploy. Please check out icc.com for more detail.

ICC Specified for Hernando County’s Largest School

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(Spring Hill, Florida)

Hernando County School Board specified ICC’s high-performance Category 6 structured cabling solution in a new 2,100-student school. The new school, Explorer K-8, is located in Spring Hill, Florida, and recently opened its doors this August for kindergarten-through-8th-graders. We asked the IT Director for the Hernando County School Board why they specified ICC’s structured cabling products and he indicated, ICC is our standard in our construction specifications.

With $54.8 million in construction costs to complete the two-story 280,000 sq. ft. building, APG Electrical, installed 1,800 drops incorporating ICC’s RJ-45 CAT6 data modular connectors, CAT6 patch panels, distribution racks, cable management, and more as the structured cabling system. Each of the 99 classrooms is equipped with overhead speakers, video cameras, and projection screen systems. The classrooms have four desktop computers and one laptop; 30 additional laptops for every 300 students are also readily accessible. The new school accommodates a media center, science and computer laboratories, sports fields, gymnasium, administration offices, and more.

APG’s Voice/Data/Video Manager said, During the installation, our technicians were very pleased with ICC’s structured cabling products. ICC’s distribution racks, cable management, and patch panels looked great and the installation went smooth.

One of the big reasons why educational institutions, K-12, colleges, and universities, prefer ICC is because ICC’s structured cabling products have been relentlessly tested and have repeatedly yield test results exceeding TIA/EIA performance standards. Most of all, they are satisfied getting premium quality and reliable structured cabling systems at affordable prices. For more information about ICC’s structured cabling solutions, call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422). For more information about Explorer K-8 please visit http://www.hernandoschools.org

ICC Introduce Vertical Cable Channel for 2-POST & 4-POST 7′ Distribution Racks

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ICC is pleased to introduce the release of its newest addition to their Racks & Cable Management product family.

The Vertical Cable Channel (ICCMSCC6BK) is designed with aluminum construction, black textured powder coated finish, lightweight at 8.5 lbs and sturdy, measures W x D x H. And fits on the sides of the Distribution Rack (ICCMSR1984) and 4-Post Distribution Rack (ICCMSR4P84), individual racks but can also be used to join two 2-Post & 4-Post Racks.

The Vertical Cable Channel has front swivel latches, sides and rear cable/velcro tie points, large rear openings for quick and easy cable routing and can also be mounted back to back to provide true cable management flexibility. This product is a perfect solution for moves, adds, changes of your cabling and ideal for a full-length vertical cable pathway and will have the aesthetic finish of an organized distribution racks.

ICC Offers New HDMI Decorex Inserts!

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ICC has two new Decorex integrated inserts for our A/V line: single HDMI and a dual HDMI. These inserts support the Audio and Video industry HD frame rates, formats, and frame sizes; including industry standards of 1080p, 1080i, and 720p. These new Decorex inserts provide higher speed, more bandwidth, and are fully backward compatible. Both inserts have two open ports on the bottom for any of our standard high density (HD) style modular connectors. HDMI has quickly become the standard for connectivity of todays electronics. Its uncompressed signal is sure to deliver the highest video and audio quality direct from todays latest consumer electronics into the comfort of your homes. These inserts work with all ICC Decorex faceplates; single, dual, triple and quad gang.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).