2012 Success Stories

ICC Success Stories

Utah – Data center installs MPO cassettes, fiber optic rack enclosures, jumpers, CAT6e cables and patch panels – 12/2012
Rhode Island – A supplier of specialty battery technology expanded its networks with end-to-end Cat5e/ 6 connectivity – 12/2012
Louisiana – A large chemical engineering firm’s network was expanded with Category 6 and cable management solutions – 11/2012
Maine – An IT Solutions provider expands its network with CAT6 jacks, patch panels, wall racks, J-Hooks and outlets – 11/2012
Georgia – Major hotel network was renovated with CAT6 cables, jacks, wall racks, and cable management – 10/2012
Massachusetts – Large commercial building in Burlington was installed with 12,000 CAT5e/6 jacks, panels and enclosures – 10/2012
New York – A multi-story residential building in Brooklyn was built with Mini Net. Media Centers with voice, data and video – 9/2012
California – An elementary school’s network was modernized with CAT6 cables, jacks, patch panels and fiber optics – 8/2012
Texas – Independent school district expanded their network system with CAT6 cables, jacks, patch panels and patch cords – 8/2012
California – A multi-story commercial building in Orange County was renovated with CAT6A cables, jacks and patch panels – 7/2012
California – 300 21” Net.Media Centers were installed at a Los Angeles apartment complex– 7/2012
Rhode Island – United State Naval Base network was expanded with CAT5e and CAT6 connectivity for new facility – 6/2012
Utah – The network for a software as a service company was relocated with CAT6 premise cables, patch panels, jacks, and patch cords – 6/2012
California – Major hotel network was modernized with CAT6 premise cables, jacks, and patch panels – 4/2012
Utah – A college’s network was upgraded with CAT5e jacks, patch panels and premise cables – 4/2012
Maryland – Medical facility was updated with 2-Post Racks, 10’ ladder rack, and CAT5e Patch Cords – 2/2012
Texas – Online coupon company’s network was remodeled with patch panels, CAT5e jacks, and faceplates – 2/2012
California – Franchising company new network infrastructure was installed with CAT6A FTP end-to-end structured cabling solutions – 3/2012
California – Apartment complex specified 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures – 2/2012
California – SoCal’s premier passenger rail system uses ICC’s end-to-end fiber optic solutions new construction project – 2/2012
Texas – National retail chain uses CAT5e jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and related accessories for rollout project – 2/2012
California – Senior citizen center used 200+ units of 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures for high-end units – 2/2012
California – Assisted living used 100+ units of 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures for renovation project – 2/2012
California – High-end condos specified 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures for technology integration – 1/2012
California – A college chooses CAT6 premise UTP cables, jacks and faceplates for improvement project – 1/2012
South Carolina – A hotel chain used CAT5e, voice grade jacks, faceplates and work area outlets products for expansion – 1/2012
Illinois –Health center used CAT6 structured cabling, wall mount racks and fiber optic solutions for modernization – 1/2012
Texas – U.S government selects CAT5e and 6 outlets, cross-connect, racks and cable management for modernization – 1/2012
Wisconsin – A college in Wisconsin uses CAT6 jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and others for expansion – 1/2012
Kansas – A retailer company imports uses jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and wall brackets and cable managers for expansion – 12/2012

ICC Offers New CAT 6A UTP Solution!

ICC Press Releases

ICC has expanded its structured cabling solutions offering to include an Augmented CAT 6, 10 Gigabit, unshielded-twisted-pair (CAT 6A, 10Gig, UTP) line of products. ICCs CAT 6A UTP modular connector provides transmission performance and Alien Crosstalk requirements exceeding the industry standards set by TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 for supporting the operation of 10Gig Ethernet applications (10GBASE-T).

This is supported by providing an efficient and effective method of reducing Alien Crosstalk (AXT) from neighboring connectors. Each module is designed to be used with ICC CAT 6A compatible products into achieve peak 10Gig performance beyond 500MHz.
ICCs UTP solution includes a CAT 6A 10Gig UTP Modular Connector, a CAT 6A UTP 10Gig Patch Panel, as well as a selection of rack systems and cable management products that optimize your 10Gig performance by minimizing the presence of alien crosstalk (ANEXT).

The CAT 6A modular connector offers shielded termination cap which minimizes additional AXT from neighboring connectors. It also features twisted pair separation posts which minimizes untwisting of pairs to allow for efficient installation and long-term peak performance. The modular connectors are also backwards compatible supporting current CAT 6, CAT 5e, and voice network applications. ICC currently offers the connector in blue and white.

For more product and warranty information on ICCs comprehensive line of 10 Gigabit copper solutions please call us at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

ICC Announces Two New Wall Mount Faceplates!

ICC Press Releases

ICC has added two new faceplate styles for wall mount phones. The flush style allows the modular connector to be flush with the front of the faceplate once installed. The recessed faceplate will allow the modular connector to go past flush for easier connection if the phone has a male insert. CAT 5e modular connectors can be installed when VoIP is required. Both styles will come in four colors and stainless steel.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

New Website Feature Speeds Up Bidding Process

ICC Press Releases

ICC is introducing “My Project”, a user-friendly tool to help installers with their bidding process and project management. Through My Project feature installers are able to build, download and quote projects directly from ICC’s website. Installers simply sign up at www.icc.com and start collecting ICC products into My Project Folder. A list of products is created and can be saved to modify items or quantities later.

My Project Folder has three functions:

– Quote: Send the list to ICC and it will promptly reply with a quote and an authorized distributor to buy from.
– Print: the list can be printed for hands-on reference or for planning/bidding documents.
– Download: a CSV file can be imported into a spreadsheet for cost calculation or project management.

Patented Dual Speaker Modules: The Simple Approach to Managing Audio Installations

ICC Press Releases

ICC has taken its patented Dual Speaker Module and made it even better. The original Dual Speaker Module has push buttons in the front and crimp terminals in the back which required installers to crimp speaker wires. The new design has push buttons on both front and back so that a tool is no longer required to install the module. Simply push buttons, insert wires, and you are done.

The new Dual Speaker Module is in slim (HD) housing. Home automation Installers can fit up to 6 Dual Speaker Modules into one faceplate, even in Decorex style (see picture). In other words, installers can wire an entire 5.1 surround sound system using only one single gang outlet. The new Dual Speaker Module accepts wires up to 16 AWG on both sides and is available in White (WH), Ivory (IV), Almond (AL), and Black (BK) housing.

ICC has been a US manufacturer of structured cabling products for 25 years. ICC supplies a large array of voice, data, audio and video outlets to commercial and residential installers through distribution channels nationwide.

ICC Offers New 2010 Product Catalog

ICC Press Releases

Everything installers need for successful cabling installation can be found in ICC’s new commercial product catalog. It’s been redesigned to be more user-friendly and informative with vibrant application photos for easy and quick instructions. The new ICC catalog will be offered in three mediums.

Print Version
The new catalog uses thinner paper so it’s lighter and eco-friendly. It is easier to carry, lighter to mail, and three-hole punched, so the installer can put it in a ring binder.

ICC also offers an online version of the catalog. Customers can flip pages like a book, zoom in, search content by words or part numbers, and have the catalog available and ready for anyone to use where there is an internet connection.

PDF Version
The ICC catalog can also be downloaded in its entirety in one PDF file. The PDF version has a built-in bookmark and it’s also organized by a table of contents. Customers can search content by words or part numbers. Clients can also print single or multiple pages, for future reference, saving time and money. The entire catalog (17.9MB) can be saved onto a laptop, a USB stick, or a memory card to make it portable.

While Print version is the traditional method of reference, eCatalog is another convenient method when an internet connection is available. Simply bookmark the link and have access to ICC catalog anytime. For those who need the catalog on the go but do not want to carry heavy books, the PDF version is the choice.

CAT6A Cabling System for Tomorrow’s Demand

ICC Press Releases

ICC introduces two Category 6A (CAT6A) end-to-end solutions providing customers with the fastest data networking standard 10GBASE-T with transmission performance up to 500MHz. From CAT6A UTP/FTP modular connectors and cables to patch panels, ICC has the solutions for tomorrow’s high-bandwidth data demands.

• Exceeds TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A standard and provides support for high bandwidth applications such as data centers and other data-intensive or backbone requirements
• Modular connector terminates easily with JackEasy tool reducing installation time
• Shielded cap on connector and optimized port spacing on patch panel reduce Alien Crosstalk (AXT)
• Cable designed with unique internal separator and jacket for centered wiring core to minimize AXT from neighboring cables
• Qualifies for ICC Lifetime Certified Site Cabling System Limited Warranty when installed by ICC Elite Certified installers (conditions apply)

• Exceeds TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A standard and delivers advanced performance and reliability in the most hostile and demanding datacom environments protecting vital network terminations from performance diminishing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
• Modular connector designed for tool-less termination with integrated cap
• Fully shielded connector and grounded patch panel protect against EMI and Alien Crosstalk (AXT)
• Shielded jacket on cable reduces EMI and RFI noise interference
• Qualifies for ICC Lifetime Certified Site Cabling System Limited Warranty when installed by ICC Elite Certified installers (conditions apply)

EZ Fold Wall Mount Bracket

ICC Press Releases

Wall Mount Bracket is an alternative to the heavier and pricier wall mount racks. It provides similar functionalities – to mount panels and equipment in a confined space – with less cost. The traditional wall mount bracket is too bulky to store and it is costly to ship because of the size of its fixed arms. Some manufacturers attempted to reduce the space by folding two arms with hinges only to create another deficiency – weak arms. Two arms are needed to have enough strength to support heavy panels, cables and expensive equipment and hinging the arms makes it dangerous to bear extra weight. By hinging two arms, it also sways the entire bracket and makes it unstable.

The EZ-FOLD Wall Mount Bracket is designed differently. It can be folded to only 2.5 inches in height and installers can easily stack them in the truck or store them in small spaces. When it is unfolded, the arms will extend to 15 inches to accommodate most of the equipment, panels, and plenty of cable storage space. The EZ-FOLD has two hinges for folding purposes.

Once it is unfolded and securely mounted, the two hinges do not bear weight anymore. Both arms are supported by stud or backboard mounting screws. The weight limit is also strengthened by the double-row screw mounting.

Additional features:
• Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 rack unit sizes
• Divided hinge allows easy access every 2 RU
• Heavy duty 16 gauge steel
• Bridge lances everywhere for cable ties
• Optional cover for top and bottom

ICC is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential structured cabling products governed by strict ISO 9001:2008 standards. With 25 years of innovation, ICC products have established a reputation of premium quality, proven performance and competitive prices supporting voice, data, audio, video and fiber optic connectivity.

New Category 6 Mobile Patch Box!

ICC Press Releases

ICC announces the introduction of its Category 6 mobile patch box designed for use in virtually any open environment.

The CAT 6 mobile patch box provides a clean, attractive and flexible solution for small installs and for applications with communication needs…on the go. Its a great complement to our existing CAT 5e mobile box which received tons of compliments. Designed for easy punch down capability, the mobile patch box can be used in a multitude of applications. Perfect for use in labs, doctors and lawyers offices, temp agencies, warehouses and tradeshow environments as well as other small business locations where multiple data or telecom lines are required. This unit provides up to six lines and can be mounted in small out of the way corners making it barely visible to the end consumer. Once terminated, the cables are easily routed out of the mobile patch box via the channel provided and are firmly held at the exit to provide strain relief. A matching, easy to use screwed-on base conceals all cables and termination. The RJ45 port openings on the cover are protected and secured from dust and other unwanted fragments by flip over covers which can be individually opened. The smooth matte finish is rugged, durable, and easy to clean, mount and install with screws or magnets.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on all ICCs mobile patch boxes or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422)

ICC Announces Rewards Program for Installers and Contractors

ICC Press Releases

ICC, offering end-to-end structured cabling solutions for data, voice, audio, video, and fiber optic connectivity for commercial and residential installations, announces a new website feature: The Elite Installer Rewards Program, available to all ICC contractors. Elite Installer Rewards Program for structured cabling solutions, available to all ICC contractors. The rewards program provides product information and savings on ICC high-quality voice, data, audio, video, and fiber optic products include modular connectors, faceplates, patch panels, patch cords, UTP cable, cable management racks, fiber optic solutions, raceway solutions, residential Net.Media Centers and more. ICC manufactures commercial and residential structured cabling solutions governed by strict ISO 9001:2000 standards. “For more than 20 years, ICC has delivered big brand quality without the big brand price to thousands of voice and data contractors. Now contractors will be able to realize even more profits on quality installation. They can save thirty to sixty percent when they use Elite Installer Rewards points to save on the tools they need. It’s easy to earn points and free to join – you just go to ICC.com and click on MyPoints,” says Marco Costa, ICC Product Manager. The network cabling site also features a new shopping cart tool that, according to Costa, “makes it easy for Elite Installers to redeem their points and take advantage of our premium products, proven performance, and competitive prices.” In addition to thousands of products, voice and data contractors can find a comprehensive knowledgebase resource on CAT6 cabling at ICC’s CAT6 Knowledge Base. Designed to support contractors, CAT6.com provides information about CAT6 cabling products, certification training, network applications, LAN testers and more. Industry links and a database of CAT6 cabling distributors, and a downloadable brochure, verification report and system planner are some other features of CAT6.com.Event link:  ICC Announces Rewards Program for Installers and Contractors.

ICC Offers New Rack Installation Kit!

ICC Press Releases

(La Mirada, CA) – ICC is introducing a new rack installation kit to mount ICC distribution racks and cable management racks to concrete floors. The new kit is manufactured with rugged rust-resistant hardware and leaves a flush mount finish; no protrusions when not in use. The anchors are designed to self-expand and fasten with no caulk required.

ICC is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling products in both commercial and residential markets. For more information contact us at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

Link :  www.icc.com/rack-floorwall-mount-concrete-p-3296.html

ICC is Growing, Expanding, and Moving!

ICC Press Releases

(La Mirada, CA)- Due to ICCs continuous growth in 2007, we are moving our manufacturing facility and headquarters into a larger 60,000 square foot facility during January of 2008. The demand for ICC products continues to grow, and we will continue to increase our manufacturing and inventory capacity to provide superior customer support.

For over 20 years, ICC, a leading manufacturer of structured cabling products in both the commercial and residential markets, has been helping tens of thousands of contractors and installers grow and profit. ICC is committed to offer premium quality at affordable prices so the contractors can provide high-quality installations to their customers and still earn a profit. With millions of voice, data, and audio/video drops installed across multitudes of enterprises nationwide, ICC continues to meet the evolving demands for structured cabling solutions by offering premium products, proven performance, and competitive pricing.

We thank every contractor and installer for their loyal support for choosing to install ICC products for their installations. ICC structured cabling products are available through hundreds of distributors nationwide. Call 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422) or visit our website http://www.icc.com. ICC looks forward to another great year in 2008.

Pre-Terminated Patch Box … No Work, No Tools, No Mess

ICC Press Releases

ICC’s HiPerLink pre-terminated copper solutions is a cost-effective approach to a simple ‘plug and play’ data cabling system. It can be implemented into any network architecture; data centers, network backbone or straight to the workstation. ICC’s plug and play cassettes come with a twist … they’re modular. Other supplier’s plug and play cassettes are fixed. With ICC, installers can easily change or move modules from the cassette after installation and even with different color modules if they want.

Mobile Patch Box is the newest option in ICC’s HiPerLink solution. This patch box is portable and flexible with six open ports that can be pre-configured with CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT 5e data, voice, fiber optic, audio, or video modules. ICC can ship the patch box bundled and simply ‘plug and play’ the cassette into a telecom or equipment room. It is designed to be installed in open environments where connectivity is not readily available; such as warehouses, tradeshow floors, conference rooms, computer training labs or POS terminals. The box can be screw mounted to a floor, wall or suspended over the ceiling. Two optional magnets can also be used to mount on metallic surfaces. It has a rugged PVC housing making it durable so that it can be left on the floor.

With the Mobile Parch Box HiPerLink solution, anyone can deploy network cabling anywhere quickly and with ease. There’s no termination required, no tools and no mess. Each cable assembly is factory terminated in Southern California, with a turn-around time of two to four weeks. They are tested to exceed TIA performance standards, test reports included and backed by ICC’s 15-Year Permanent Link Performance Limited Warranty. There is no need to worry about network downtime.

Since 1984, ICC has offered a complete line of copper and fiber solutions for commercial and residential applications including multi-port and communication outlets, cross-connect and patch cords, cable management and raceway system. ICC is committed to product quality (registered ISO 9001-2008), and providing high-performance solutions at affordable prices.

ICC Offers New Vertical Finger Duct Panel!

ICC Press Releases

La Mirada, CA) ICC’s new flat-mount Vertical Finger Duct Panel bolts directly to the front of the ICC’s Cable Management Rack (ICCMSCMRH7) for easy installation. The Cable Management Rack is designed with cable management channels on both sides of the rack. Adding ICC’s new Vertical Finger Ducts to the system allows greater flexibility for managing cables outside the rails of the rack.

ICC’s new Vertical Finger Duct Panel is the perfect solution designed to route and manage large amounts of patch cords and bulk cables. Vertical Finger Duct Panels are easy to install and maintain. They come with slide-on covers to provide an extremely neat and organized appearance. They are constructed from a durable material which maintains its flexibility allowing cables to easily flow through the channel ducts while providing a solid support backbone required for the most rigorous cable installations. Vertical Finger Duct Panels are also designed with rear feed through holes for easier cable routing.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).

ICC Now Offers Category 6 110 Wiring Blocks (Rack & Wall Mountable)

ICC Press Releases


ICC is pleased to announce the release of its newest addition to their cross-connect system, Category 6 110 blocks (rack & wall mountable) available in 96 pairs.

This product is used for data communication management in the main distribution frame, telecommunications room, or consolidation point. It meets and exceeds Category 6 TIA/EIA-568-B.2 specifications for component performance. These blocks are constructed with angled IDC connector pins ensuring the highest CAT6 performance along with strong connection and tighter cable hold ensuring dependability.

These blocks ship with 24 sets of 4-pair 110 CAT6 connecting clips, 2 label holders, and 4-pair markings on the block for easy termination when used for data applications and are available as a kit. ICC brings the enhanced performance of CAT6 without the higher price to those with limited space preferring a wiring block to a modular patch panel.

ICC Offers New CAT 6A FTP Solution!

ICC Press Releases

ICC has expanded its structured cabling solutions offering to include an Augmented CAT 6, 10 Gigabit, foiled-twisted-pair (CAT 6A, 10Gig, FTP) solution. ICCs CAT 6A 10Gig FTP solution delivers 10Gig performance with over 500 MHz of bandwidth. ICCs CAT 6A FTP solution exceeds all electrical signal transmission performance parameters and Alien Crosstalk requirements established by TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 and ISO 11801 for support of 10Gigabit Ethernet applications.

ICCs FTP solution includes a CAT 6A 10Gig FTP Modular Connector, a CAT 6A FTP 10Gig Patch Panel, and CAT 6A FTP 10Gig Patch Cords.

ICCs new FTP Modular Connector features 360° die-cast shielding which provides maximum protection against signal disruptors in a datacom environment such as EMI and RFI. This added benefit makes FTP solution ideal for government applications, gaming establishments, manufacturing environments and financial institutions.

The ICC CAT 6A 10Gig FTP Modular Connector also offers a unique punchless termination feature. This will minimize termination errors and allow field installers to make a positive termination 100% of the time.

For more product and warranty information on ICC Structured Cabling Solutions comprehensive line of 10 Gigabit copper solutions please call us at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275.4422).