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CA- In today’s new construction, the implementation of a structured cabling solution in residential construction has become a necessity. Developers, architects, and home builders must consider the voice, data, and video requirements of every room, but due to the economic downturn and the depressed residential market, how do you implement a reasonable solution? ICC, an established leader in providing structured cabling solutions, provides high performance, reliable products at more reasonable prices compared to the premium brands. One ICC Elite Installer chose ICC products for their construction work with a major home builder.

ICC voice, data, and video outlets were installed throughout every home. In the wiring enclosure, voice modules were installed. They are capable of supporting 32 outlets so that phones can be installed in just about every imaginable location. CAT5e data modules were also installed. They are capable of supporting eight different 100 Mbps streams, supporting a digital phone system, or providing a reliable wired network for computers in the same house. Finally, video modules were installed. They can can support digital audio and up to 1080p high definition video transmissions in up to 2 GHz frequencies supporting cable and satellite TV outlets.

The ICC Elite Installer used ICC’s Net.Media Centers to house the residential modules and provide an organized and centralized source for media management. These enclosures offer all of the features to properly complete the installation. Features such as hinged covers which are easy to access later should the residents require any service or changes are available. There are rubber grommets to protect incoming cables on entry into the enclosures and several lancing points for a neat cable arrangement within the enclosure. There are also push pin accommodating back boards making for highly compatible and easy to add on media centers. These centers also off power outlet knockouts to provide AC power to active components installed in the enclosure. Of course, there is an optional knock out for installing locks for restricted access.

An up and coming home community in Murrieta, California is one of the many communities where residents can enjoy ready-to-go voice, data, and video in their homes. Another set of homes used ICC Net.Media centers. With homes ranging from single story to two stories, 5,590 to 2,860 sq. ft homes, families can live luxuriously with technology steaming throughout their entire home. The homes used 14” Net.Media centers from ICC were installed in the master closet with voice distribution modules. Each home averages a total of 16 drops. There were a total of 600 homes which means the total number of drops was 9600.

“We have been using your product for over 10 years and it’s proven to be very reliable. You honor your warranty and simply your product can last and it is presentable,” the Elite Installer said. According to them, this installation was special due to the easy installation and the products. They know that they are getting quality products which make them feel good because they trust ICC.

“We know the product will last, and in today’s world, customers need to know they are getting a good, reliable product installed in their home,” their staff said.

Success Stories Prior to 2010

ICC Success Stories

North Carolina – Major hotel chain uses ICC CAT6 Jacks, patch panels and cable management for their expansion project.
California (HiPerLink) – Major Hispanic electronics and appliance retailer installed ICC HiPerlink CAT6.
New York – ICC complete end-to-end residential solutions are being utilized at prominent Manhattan high rise condominium building.
California -A public library uses ICC CAT6 jacks, patch panels, and premise cables for their improvement project.
California – A leading manufacturer of professional A/V system selects ICC outlets for a Disney project.
Virginia – A leading scientific genetic research firm uses ICC CAT6 patch cords, cables, jacks, patch panels at their facility.
Georgia (HiPerLink) – A training facility selects ICC HiPerLink CAT6A Cassette-to-Modular Connectors for their MAC’s project.
California – Local office of the Social Security Administration uses ICC’s complete CAT6 cabling solution for their remodeling project.
Rhode Island – ICC Residential Net.Media Centers and CAT6 products installed at Mercantile location.
California -An elementary and middle school K-8, uses ICC CAT6, fiber optics, racks and cable management for the expansion project.
Washington – Telecommunications service provider installed ICC at their control room data center.
Texas – An elementary school was installed with ICC CAT6 connectivity products for their network improvement project.
Maryland – An electric company control uses ICC CAT6 structured cabling solutions as part of their network upgrades.
North Carolina – U.S. Army chooses ICC CAT6 snap-in coupler and blank patch panels solutions to be used at the overseas base.
Virginia – An equipment installer installs ICC CAT6 connectivity.
Montana – (HiPerLink) ICC 10 Gig fiber optic solution installed at a hospital.
Louisiana – ICC CAT6 permanent link solution installed at a construction engineering company.
California – ICC cable management solution used at corporate offices.
Arizona – ICC CAT6 channel link solution installed at media offices.
California – ICC CAT6 channel link solution installed at a charitable organization location.
Arizona – ICC Residential solution installed at apartment complex.
California – ICC Fiber Optic solution installed at an amusement park.
California – Retail store installs ICC residential solution.
New Mexico – Los Lunas School District selects ICC CAT6 permanent link solution for campus.
California – Recycle company infrastructure with ICC structured cabling solutions.
Montana – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at the health clinic.
Utah – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at Telecommunications service provider
Utah – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at an aquatic center.
Montana – ICC Residential solutions installed at a major hotel chain.
California – ICC Residential solutions installed at the Jefferson at Hollywood luxury apartments.
Hawaii – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at the Department of Defense.
California – ICC CAT5e Permanent Link system installed at the library.
New England – A security company installs ICC voice and data connectivity.
Washington D.C. – A university chooses ICC Audio Connectivity for Square 54 development.
California – Data forum center Integration chooses ICC for their data connectivity needs.
Pennsylvania – Allentown School District chooses ICC CAT5e for connectivity.
California – ICC connectivity installed at a data room.
California – ICC CAT6 outlets installed at Livermore Unified School District offices.
Utah – ICC CAT5e Permanent Link system installed at a high school.
Michigan – ICC CAT6 Permanent link solution installed at a health center.
Wisconsin – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link solution installed at a conference center.
Colorado – ICC CAT5e permanent link system installed at a bio-laboratory.
Wyoming – ICC CAT5e connectivity installed at the church.
California – San Francisco Unified School district installs CAT5e solution.
Texas – ICC CAT6 permanent link solution installed at a University.
California – ICC CAT5e outlet solutions installed at a hospital in Los Angeles.
Pennsylvania – ICC fiber optic connectivity installed in a construction company.
Montana – A residential group utilizes ICC residential solutions at a major hotel.
New York – ICC CAT6 solution data closet inside an automotive building.
California – ICC CAT6 certified site cabling system installed at State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.
California – ICC CAT6 certified site cabling system installed at State of California Employment Development Department.
Washington D.C. , ICC CAT6 certified site cabling system installed at Saab Aircraft of America.
Texas – City of El Paso , downtown transit links 32 workstations with ICC CAT6 data cabling and ICC Lifetime Warranty.
New Jersey – Monmouth County Vo-Tech School District installs 88 outlets of ICC voice and data cabling.
New Jersey – An elementary school installed over 703 ICC voice and CAT6 data drops.
Illinois (HiPerlink) – A Fortune 500 company, chooses ICC’s CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for the corporate data center.
Texas (HiPerlink) – Quantlab Financial brokerage firm uses CAT6 HiPerlink Solution for hosted co-location at the data centers.
California (HiPerlink) – A retailer, chooses ICC CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for the corporate data center.
Indiana (HiPerlink) – A cancer treatment center, uses CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for cabling data center.
New York (HiPerlink) – A cultural community center, specifies ICC’s HiPerlink 10Gig copper and fiber solution.
New Mexico (HiPerlink) – A specialized testing center, chooses CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution.
Washington, D.C. (HiPerlink) – A bank chooses ICC’s CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for data center.
Texas (HiPerlink) – Greater Texas Federal Credit Union implements ICC’s CAT6 Cassette Hiperlink Solution for corporate data center.
British Virgin Islands (HiPerlink) – Government agency specifies ICC’s HiPerlink Fiber Solution for 10 Gig fiber deployment.
Canada (HiPerlink) – A tv company uses ICC’s HiPerlink Mobile Patch Box Solution for 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Pennsylvania (HiPerlink) – A social service agency, uses HiPerlink Fiber Cassettes for fiber between buildings.
Nevada (HiPerlink) – An insurance company uses CAT6 HiPerlink Cassette Solution for hosted co-location cabling needs.
Florida – ICC Category 6 cabling solutions used at Hernando County ‘s largest school…Explorer K-8.
Virginia – The Orthopedic Center of Central Virginia installs a new framework using ICC’s complete voice and data solutions.
California – 60,000 feet of ICC’s UTP cable was installed in a new California Department of Motor Vehicles branch.
Colorado – A scientific technology company installed ICC’s channel components.
Pennsylvania – Chettenham School District goes with ICC’s high performance voice and data network for Cedarbrook Middle School.
Pennsylvania – Chettenham School District chooses ICC for its voice and data cabling systems for Elkins Park School.
California – Over 600 ICC CAT5e data drops were installed at M.D.C. Meyer Distribution.
New Jersey – A middle school upgrades its network with over 750 ICC voice and data drops.
California – ICC’s high-performance CAT6 cabling system law firms.
California – ESL Power Systems manufacturing facility integrates ICC for its data network.
Washington – United Way of King County uses ICC for its network infrastructure.
Washington – A medical hospital implements ICC for its entire network system.
Wyoming – A public library was installed with ICC’s high-performance Category 5e data system.
California – Covina Valley Unified School District integrates ICC for Barrance Elementary School.
California – Covina Valley Unified School District integrates ICC at Cypress Elementary School.
Maryland – A college in Maryland expands its network using ICC.
Maryland – A developer of Malaria vaccines uses ICC structure cabling systems.
Pennsylvania – A Methodist church chooses ICC Category 5e cabling system for its data network.
Colorado – An air force base installs over 800 ICC data drops.
Virginia – A network broadcasting company uses ICC for their data connectivity.
Virginia – An airline, which operates some connections for major airlines installs ICC in their network.
Virginia – A provider of vehicle history reporting uses ICC for their data accessing needs.
Florida – A medical center ICC Category 6 solution in over 300 drops.
California – A home builder specifies ICC in luxury condominiums.
Virginia – One of the largest communications service providers uses ICC in 2400 drops.
Montana – An engineering firm installs ICC’s Category 6 cabling solution.
Maryland – One of the oldest and largest full-service law firms uses ICC at their headquarters.
Maryland – A leading edge consulting company for aerospace, installs ICC’s HiPerlink 1000 solution.
California – An electric company with over 250 drops built its network using ICC’s structured cabling solutions.
Montana – A Middle School utilizes ICC for there entire network infrastructure.
Virginia – A leading provider of engineering consulting services installs ICC high-performance Category 5e system.
California – A leading provider of mortgage services installs ICC and provides Lifetime Warranty.
New York – 800 Category 5e and Category 6 ICC data drops were installed at the famous Wyndham Hotel in Time Square South.
California – A fire station chooses ICC’s their high-performance voice and data network.
California – A fire station re-chooses ICC’s voice and data cabling system for their network.
Maryland – A research company focused on the creation of human cDNAs uses ICC’s CAT6 cabling system.

ICC Releases New 2009 Residential Structured Cabling Catalog

ICC Press Releases

(La Mirada, CA)

ICC’s new 2009 Residential Structured Cabling Solutions catalog is now available. The new catalog offers 36 pages of complete end-to-end residential connectivity solutions for voice, data, audio, video and fiber optic connectivity; perfect for tract, custom, and remodeled homes. With ICC’s broad product offering, high ISO 9001-2000 quality, and aggressive pricing, this professionally designed catalog will give cabling contractors, installers, and residential builders the competitive advantage to promote their businesses and services in this challenging economy. Looking for new products? ICC’s new residential catalog includes new HDMI modular connectors that work with configurable faceplates offering high definition video connectivity at the wall plate. It also features new Category 6e and Category 5e UTP Solid Bulk cables designed for maximum performance and reliability from the distribution center to the living areas. The new residential catalog also includes our very popular 14″, 21″, 28″, and 42″ Net.Media Centers and easy snap-in voice/data/video modules. Finish off installations in the living area with the widest selection of modular connectors, faceplates, wall plates, tools, F-type/RCA/BNC compression connectors, telephone/data patch cords and more. Thousands of contractors, installers, and residential builders have already switched to ICC for our high-performance products and aggressive pricing. Now is the time to request your new 2009 Residential Structured Cabling Solutions catalog and see how you can start saving 30% to 60%. In this economy, that’s savings you can’t afford to miss. Call us at (888) ASK-4-ICC (275-4422), or visit us at and download in PDF.