ICC New 8″ Residential Combo Enclosure

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La Mirada, California – ICC is introducing the new 8″ residential combo enclosure in six (6)packs.  The combo is designed to act as homes with 2 to 3 bedrooms.  ICC’s 8″ combo offers the best value in the market today.the central distribution point in a residence for phone and video connectivity; perfect for apartments, condos and small townhomes with 2 to 3 bedrooms.  ICC’s 8″ combo offers the best value in the market today.

Each box contains six enclosures, covers, and voice/video modules.  Offering the combo in six packs offers convenience and lowers the unit cost of each enclosure compared to buying them individually.  The enclosure is made of UL-rated ABS plastic, and the base is designed to be installed between wall studs or wall mounted.  The base has knockouts allowing cables to enter and exit from the top, bottom and sides.  The cover snaps on with a tab for padlock to prevent unwanted access.

The included voice module has a 110 IDC bridged design with 8-ports, allowing phones to be installed in eight locations.  The included 2 GHz CATV module has one input and six outputs allowing video to be connected to six locations.

ICC’s 8” combo enclosure is available through a nationwide network of ICC Elite Preferred Distributors. To locate a distributor near you, visit www.icc.com/distributor or call ICC at 888-ASK-4ICC (275-4422).


About ICC

ICC is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential structured cabling products governed by strict ISO 9001:2008 standards.  With 29 years of innovation, ICC products have established a reputation of premium quality, proven performance and competitive prices supporting voice, data, audio, video and fiber optic connectivity. For more information, visit ICC’s website at www.icc.com.