2012 Success Stories

ICC Success Stories

Utah – Data center installs MPO cassettes, fiber optic rack enclosures, jumpers, CAT6e cables and patch panels – 12/2012
Rhode Island – A supplier of specialty battery technology expanded its networks with end-to-end Cat5e/ 6 connectivity – 12/2012
Louisiana – A large chemical engineering firm’s network was expanded with Category 6 and cable management solutions – 11/2012
Maine – An IT Solutions provider expands its network with CAT6 jacks, patch panels, wall racks, J-Hooks and outlets – 11/2012
Georgia – Major hotel network was renovated with CAT6 cables, jacks, wall racks, and cable management – 10/2012
Massachusetts – Large commercial building in Burlington was installed with 12,000 CAT5e/6 jacks, panels and enclosures – 10/2012
New York – A multi-story residential building in Brooklyn was built with Mini Net. Media Centers with voice, data and video – 9/2012
California – An elementary school’s network was modernized with CAT6 cables, jacks, patch panels and fiber optics – 8/2012
Texas – Independent school district expanded their network system with CAT6 cables, jacks, patch panels and patch cords – 8/2012
California – A multi-story commercial building in Orange County was renovated with CAT6A cables, jacks and patch panels – 7/2012
California – 300 21” Net.Media Centers were installed at a Los Angeles apartment complex– 7/2012
Rhode Island – United State Naval Base network was expanded with CAT5e and CAT6 connectivity for new facility – 6/2012
Utah – The network for a software as a service company was relocated with CAT6 premise cables, patch panels, jacks, and patch cords – 6/2012
California – Major hotel network was modernized with CAT6 premise cables, jacks, and patch panels – 4/2012
Utah – A college’s network was upgraded with CAT5e jacks, patch panels and premise cables – 4/2012
Maryland – Medical facility was updated with 2-Post Racks, 10’ ladder rack, and CAT5e Patch Cords – 2/2012
Texas – Online coupon company’s network was remodeled with patch panels, CAT5e jacks, and faceplates – 2/2012
California – Franchising company new network infrastructure was installed with CAT6A FTP end-to-end structured cabling solutions – 3/2012
California – Apartment complex specified 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures – 2/2012
California – SoCal’s premier passenger rail system uses ICC’s end-to-end fiber optic solutions new construction project – 2/2012
Texas – National retail chain uses CAT5e jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and related accessories for rollout project – 2/2012
California – Senior citizen center used 200+ units of 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures for high-end units – 2/2012
California – Assisted living used 100+ units of 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures for renovation project – 2/2012
California – High-end condos specified 14” Net. Media Centers structured wiring enclosures for technology integration – 1/2012
California – A college chooses CAT6 premise UTP cables, jacks and faceplates for improvement project – 1/2012
South Carolina – A hotel chain used CAT5e, voice grade jacks, faceplates and work area outlets products for expansion – 1/2012
Illinois –Health center used CAT6 structured cabling, wall mount racks and fiber optic solutions for modernization – 1/2012
Texas – U.S government selects CAT5e and 6 outlets, cross-connect, racks and cable management for modernization – 1/2012
Wisconsin – A college in Wisconsin uses CAT6 jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and others for expansion – 1/2012
Kansas – A retailer company imports uses jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and wall brackets and cable managers for expansion – 12/2012