Why does the cable get tangled in REELEX cartons?

Last modified: September 17, 2019
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Reelex cable winding technology is a proven, proprietary technology to prevent tangling. Almost all major US cable manufacturers use Reelex technology to wind their cable and no other winding equipment comes close to Reelex’s performance. However, if the end of the cable is not secured correctly, it may cause the payout cable to be tangled with the end of the cable.

The end of the cable is secured at the corner of the box as illustrated in Figure 1. However, during transportation, the cable box may get tossed around and the end might get loose and retract into the box, as illustrated in Figure 2. If the user does not see the end of cable protruding and bending at the corner, please proceed to the following corrective steps. Once the end of the cable is secured, there should be no tangling.

Reelex Box
Figure 1. The end of the cable is protruding outward 1-inch in length and is folded down.

Reelex Box
Figure 2. The end of the cable is missing.

How to fix it?

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Reelex Box
Step 1. Open the box and locate the end of the cable. With approximately 1-inch of cable, fold and secure it to the nearest corner.

Reelex Box
Step 2. Once the end of the cable has been secured, seal the box by replacing the payout tube and flaps in their original position.

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