Can ICC CAT6 solution support 10GBase-T?

Last modified: August 16, 2018
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Yes, ICC CAT6 modular jack, patch panel, and bulk cables can support 10GBase-T but with reduced operating distance. But CAT6 cabling is not recommended for NEW installations targeted to support 10GBase-T application. CAT6a is the choice for 10GBase-T copper but this does not mean the “installed” CAT6 cable will not support 10GBase-T, especially at shorter lengths. To address the question of CAT6 cabling or 10GBase-T, TIA publishes TSB-155-a, Guide Lines for the Assessment and Mitigation of Installed Category 6 Cabling to Support 10GBase-T.
TSB-155-A states that 10GBase-T can operate over Channel lengths up to 37 meters of CAT6 cabling and 10GBase-T should operate over Channel lengths between 37 and 55 meters of cat 6 cabling depending on the alien crosstalk environment. TSB-155-a further defined “installed” CAT6 cabling meeting the requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.2. All ICC CAT6 products are guaranteed to meet or exceed TIA-568-C.2 requirements.
Below is a chart of Speed vs Bandwidth and distance for your reference.

StandardMediaDistanceMaximum Bandwidh
10BASE-TCAT3 (2 pair)100m16MHz
100BASE-TCAT5 (2 pair)100m100MHz
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