How to convert type T568B wiring to T568A on ICC Products

Last modified: February 19, 2021
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All of ICC’s products equipped with a 110-style patch panel unit are configured to be terminated using the standard T568B wiring scheme, with the exception of our Residential Enclosure Modules being configured to T568A. The key process to switch between the two wiring schemes is relatively simple and only involves switching the orange and green cable pairs to ensure Type A Wiring and vice versa. Below is a picture of our current patch panels’ wiring diagram showcasing Type A and B variants and can be applied with any of our 110-style units.

ICC T568B and T568A Wiring

ICC offers an extensive array of components configured with Type B Wiring and are interchangeable when the need for Type A arises. All products that fall within this category can be manipulated as such.

48-Port Patch Panel

Type B Wiring
12-Port Patch Panel

Type B Wiring
Universal Mount Data Residential Module

Type A Wiring
Data Residential Module

Type A Wiring
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