What are the different types of presentations ICC offers for push-pin RESI modules?

Last modified: March 13, 2018
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ICC offers 3 different types of push-pin presentations for Voice & Data modules for mounting to residential enclosures. The more popular style will be the Compact design along with its bare low-cost PCB board and obvious compact feature. The ICC Premier presentation is protected by a steel bracket construction for high durability and long-lasting use. The third design is the Deluxe, these modules are made of ABS plastic to protect while still offering a light weight design for installers. These 3 presentations of modules are offered for voice, voice expansion, Cat5e, and Cat6 modules, as well as some video splitter, combo and multi-media patch panels. ICC push-pin RESI Modules are also compatible with most major manufacturers enclosures.

Premiere / Steel Bracket – ICRESxxxx1C
Deluxe / Plastic Bracket – ICRESxxxx2C
Compact / No Bracket – ICRESxxxx3C


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