Do ICC products support POE?

Last modified: June 17, 2021
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All ICC patch panels, modular connectors, and couplers can support POE++, Type 4, 100W. Below is the property table of POE and POE+ for your reference.

Comparison of PoE Parameters

Property802.3af (802.3 at Type 1) "PoE"802.3 at Type 2 "PoE+"802.3bt Type 3 "4PPoE"/"PoE++"802.3bt Type 4 "4PPoE"/"PoE++
Power available at PD12.95 W25.50 W51 W71 W
Maximum power delivered by PSE15.40 W30.0 W60 W100 W
Voltage range at PSE44.0-57.0 V50.0-57.0 V50.0–57.0 V52.0–57.0 V
Voltage range at PD37.0-57.0 V42.5-57.0 V42.5–57.0 V41.1–57.0 V
Maximum current350 mA600 mA600 mA per pair960 mA per pair
Maximum cable resistance per pair set20 Ω (CAT3)12.5 Ω (CAT5)12.5 Ω12.5 Ω
Supported cablingCategory 3 and Category 5Category 5Category 5Category 5

PD – Powered Device
PSE – Power Sourcing Equipment
POE – Power Over Ethernet

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