What is LOMMF?

Last modified: August 17, 2018
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Newer deployments often use 50/125 µm Laser-Optimized Multi-Mode Fiber (LOMMF/OM3).  Fibers that meet this designation provide sufficient bandwidth to support 10G ethernet up to 300 meters.  Optical fiber manufacturers have greatly refined their manufacturing process since that standard was issued and cables can be made that support 10G up to 400 meters.  Laser-Optimized Multi-Mode Fiber (LOMMF) is designed for use with 850 nm VCSELs (Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Laser).  The migration to LOMMF/OM3 has occurred as users upgrade to higher speed networks.  LEDs have a maximum modulation rate of 622 Mbit/s because they cannot be turned on/off fast enough to support higher bandwidth applications.  VCSELs are capable of modulation over 10Gs and are used in many high-speed networks.  ICC currently not offering OM4

CategoryDiameterJacket ColorsOptical SourceBandwidth10G
OM162.5/125 µmOrangeLED200MHz*km33m
OM250/125 µmOrangeLED500MHz*km82m
OM350/125 µmAquaVCSEL2000MHz*km300m
OM450/125 µmAquaVCSEL4700MHz*km400m
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