60,000 Feet of ICC’s UTP Cable Installed in New San Diego DMV branch!

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(San Diego, California) It was a big day for the Elite Installers when they decided to tackle a project to install cabling for San Diego based Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The project was originally specified to be cabled with another competitive brand of cable, but the Elite Installer chose to install ICC’s new UTP solid cable. Over 60,000 feet of UTP cable was pull and installed in the DMV; from the equipment room to the entire Work Areas. The Elite Installers did not sacrifice on quality or performance in making the change.

ICC’s UTP solid cable is performance tested to exceed TIA performance standards and supports high-speed Category 6e 550MHz and Category 5e 350MHz bandwidth transmission. ICC’s UTP cable is also UL® listed for highest quality and third-party verified by ETL® for guaranteed performance. The Elite Installers was able to bring their bottom line up and gain higher profit margins with ICC’s competitive prices; as a result they provided the DMV with a more reliable and dependable installation at a lower cost.

For more information about ICC’s new UTP Solid Cable, call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422)

Event link:  60,000 feet of ICC’s UTP cable installed in new San Diego DMV branch!