Cabling a New Framework at an Orthopedic Medical Center

ICC Press Releases

VA – Even during today’s tough economic times, an ICC Certified Elite Installer has continued to excel due to their commitment to providing outstanding customer satisfaction. They not only maintain a high level of professionalism and technical service, they require it of their suppliers as well. The installer did not find it difficult to make ICC their sole structured cabling product line provider. ICC’s dedication to providing superior service, premium quality products at affordable prices and their loyalty to contractors is what made the decision so easy. The installer’s Sales Manager says, “It’s the outstanding feedback from customers and our very own technicians that keep us installing the ICC product line.” For the latest project, an orthopedic medical center, they knew ICC would meet all of their installation demands and help the installation run smoothly. The Certified Elite Installer constructed the 85,000 square foot medical facility’s entire network infrastructure into three telecommunications rooms. All three rooms were connected to medical equipment, telephones, computers, multi-media, computer-telephony and patient therapy environments. The installation utilized ICC’s distribution racks, cable management, and Category 6 (CAT6) components. ICC’s lightweight, durable and easy-to-install distribution racks were the perfect choice for the large installation. All the distribution racks were floor mounted using ICC’s floor mounting kit. Within the framework, the installer installed ICC’s CAT6 EZ® high-performance patch panels. The 110 IDC termination design allowed ample space for the cable routing and the single-row pair wiring design required no splitting of pairs, making the termination process quick and easy. Added benefits to using ICC’s CAT6 EZ patch panels were their backward compatibility with lower category-rated products and ability to support any type of installation requirement. The installer explained, “All racks are “easy-patch”, meaning one can easily move computer and telephone clients by simply moving a patch cord. All equipment was installed to be easily accessed by [staff members]—from the ICC ladder rack down to the lowest shelf on each rack.” To ensure the proper function of the installer’s “easy-patch” system, they used ICC’s multi-media blank patch panels and slim-line booted patch cords. All the blank patch panels were integrated with ICC’s CAT6 modular connectors. Within a typical channel, patch cords are commonly considered the weakest link. However, because ICC’s CAT6 patch cords are engineered with 50 micro-inch gold plated contacts, the installer knew they’d deliver maximum performance. The installer said, “99.999% of the ICC runs tested [perfectly] the first time!” ICC’s dual-sided horizontal and vertical finger duct panels were used to route and organize the infrastructure’s cabling. The vertical ducts were used in-between the racks to support vertical cabling while the horizontal ducts were used in-between each patch panel to follow the standard network rack design. To support the backbone cabling, the Certified Elite Installer used ICC’s 10 foot and 5 foot ladder rack runways, ceiling rods and swivel butt splices. Removable covers were added to provide the finishing touches and made the entire installation aesthetically clean and professional. As ICC Certified Technicians, they were able to offer the ICC 30-Year Certified Site Cabling System Warranty. By doing so, the orthopedic medical center knew their cabling installation would be reliable and continue to operate at peak performance. Today, the ICC Certified Elite Installer’s quality installation is successfully supporting the center’s patients and employees. During these tough times, ICC helps Certified and Elite Installers, as well as thousands of other contractors to grow and profit. ICC’s continuous offering of premium quality products and service play a key part in the award-winning success of this installer; who has recently been nominated for “Company of the Year”. Their Sales Manager says, “Everyone benefits from ICC’s premium quality and reliable structured cabling systems.”

For over 20 years ICC has been a leading manufacturer of structured cabling products in both commercial and residential markets governed by strict ISO 9001:2000 standards; offering high-quality voice, data, audio, video, and fiber optic products. ICC is committed to offer premium quality products with proven performance, at affordable prices. For more information about ICC’s structured cabling products, call us at 888-ASK-4-ICC (275-4422).