ICC Announces New RGB-VGA Decorex Inserts!

ICC Press Releases

ICC has a new RGB/VGA Decorex Inserts for linking to plasma or LCD components. The 15-pin RGB is used for linking a display to a computer or any other video connections. This insert supports the three primary colors (red, green, and blue, or RGB) plus horizontal and vertical synchronization signals. The signals passes through unprocessed to ensure little to no signal loss when connecting from your computer or other video components. The Decorex insert also has two (2) blank ports on the bottom that can be customized with any ICC high density (HD) style modular connector for additional connectivity. These insert work with all ICCs Decorex faceplates: single, dual, triple and quad gang.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).