ICC Introduce Vertical Cable Channel for 2-POST & 4-POST 7′ Distribution Racks

ICC Press Releases


ICC is pleased to introduce the release of its newest addition to their Racks & Cable Management product family.

The Vertical Cable Channel (ICCMSCC6BK) is designed with aluminum construction, black textured powder coated finish, lightweight at 8.5 lbs and sturdy, measures W x D x H. And fits on the sides of the Distribution Rack (ICCMSR1984) and 4-Post Distribution Rack (ICCMSR4P84), individual racks but can also be used to join two 2-Post & 4-Post Racks.

The Vertical Cable Channel has front swivel latches, sides and rear cable/velcro tie points, large rear openings for quick and easy cable routing and can also be mounted back to back to provide true cable management flexibility. This product is a perfect solution for moves, adds, changes of your cabling and ideal for a full-length vertical cable pathway and will have the aesthetic finish of an organized distribution racks.