New Category 6 Mobile Patch Box!

ICC Press Releases

ICC announces the introduction of its Category 6 mobile patch box designed for use in virtually any open environment.

The CAT 6 mobile patch box provides a clean, attractive and flexible solution for small installs and for applications with communication needs…on the go. Its a great complement to our existing CAT 5e mobile box which received tons of compliments. Designed for easy punch down capability, the mobile patch box can be used in a multitude of applications. Perfect for use in labs, doctors and lawyers offices, temp agencies, warehouses and tradeshow environments as well as other small business locations where multiple data or telecom lines are required. This unit provides up to six lines and can be mounted in small out of the way corners making it barely visible to the end consumer. Once terminated, the cables are easily routed out of the mobile patch box via the channel provided and are firmly held at the exit to provide strain relief. A matching, easy to use screwed-on base conceals all cables and termination. The RJ45 port openings on the cover are protected and secured from dust and other unwanted fragments by flip over covers which can be individually opened. The smooth matte finish is rugged, durable, and easy to clean, mount and install with screws or magnets.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on all ICCs mobile patch boxes or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422)