Pre-Terminated Patch Box … No Work, No Tools, No Mess

ICC Press Releases

ICC’s HiPerLink pre-terminated copper solutions is a cost-effective approach to a simple ‘plug and play’ data cabling system. It can be implemented into any network architecture; data centers, network backbone or straight to the workstation. ICC’s plug and play cassettes come with a twist … they’re modular. Other supplier’s plug and play cassettes are fixed. With ICC, installers can easily change or move modules from the cassette after installation and even with different color modules if they want.

Mobile Patch Box is the newest option in ICC’s HiPerLink solution. This patch box is portable and flexible with six open ports that can be pre-configured with CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT 5e data, voice, fiber optic, audio, or video modules. ICC can ship the patch box bundled and simply ‘plug and play’ the cassette into a telecom or equipment room. It is designed to be installed in open environments where connectivity is not readily available; such as warehouses, tradeshow floors, conference rooms, computer training labs or POS terminals. The box can be screw mounted to a floor, wall or suspended over the ceiling. Two optional magnets can also be used to mount on metallic surfaces. It has a rugged PVC housing making it durable so that it can be left on the floor.

With the Mobile Parch Box HiPerLink solution, anyone can deploy network cabling anywhere quickly and with ease. There’s no termination required, no tools and no mess. Each cable assembly is factory terminated in Southern California, with a turn-around time of two to four weeks. They are tested to exceed TIA performance standards, test reports included and backed by ICC’s 15-Year Permanent Link Performance Limited Warranty. There is no need to worry about network downtime.

Since 1984, ICC has offered a complete line of copper and fiber solutions for commercial and residential applications including multi-port and communication outlets, cross-connect and patch cords, cable management and raceway system. ICC is committed to product quality (registered ISO 9001-2008), and providing high-performance solutions at affordable prices.