Financial Company Upgrades Cabling System with ICC

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ICC Success Story Company Upgrades Cabling System

AZ – A top performing financial and insurance company outside Phoenix, AZ, needed to update their company’s voice and data applications expeditiously. The company started by updating the telecoms room. Using an ICC Elite Installer, they were able to incorporate ICC’s 48-port HD blank patch panels along with a 2-post distribution rack. This allowed for a simple installation as well as help save on space which was limited. From there, the installer was able to run ICC’s CAT 6 bulk cable with 23AWG to the actual workspace. Pulling and measuring cable was made easy thanks to the simple REELEX box design and the sequential markings on the outer jacket of the cable. ICC’s CAT 6A 10gig UTP cable was also used to help support transmission performance beyond 650MHz and alien crosstalk. Using this cable also qualified the company for a lifetime performance warranty because it was installed by an ICC Elite Installer. The job was finished with adding ICC’s CAT6 HD CAT6 modular jacks. These 8-position 8-conductor components were used to support signal quality and noise reduction for Gigabit Ethernet application. The smaller design helped maximize space on the workspace.