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WI – Green Lake County is at the southern end of the “New North” region which is northwest of Milwaukee. The county is surrounded by acres of agriculture, lakes and industrial operations. The perimeter of the county is sandy beaches, wooded shorelines and historic resorts. There is a lot of history in this small town and since the 1830s, the county has grown in many ways. For a county of just 20,000, this new building is centralized and the residents can come to one building to take care of everything. There is no need to travel to one town to another just to take care of one issue; it can all be done there.

This building is the city hall and government facility with voice and data equipment installed and ready to go. There are over 200 workstations that are equipped with voice and data in just this one building. Workstations are used for everyday office duties, such as email, internet access and phone calls. The center is used for the heath and human services and is also used by both the local sheriff as the dispatch control center, as well as the county jail. Moreover, the building is also used as a learning and disability center, as well as the center for the circuit court, the sheriff department and emergency services, so a robust and secure infrastructure is a must.

The site consists of Category 6 components, including a thousand CAT 6 High-Density modular connectors, thirty CAT 6 48-port patch panels, over one hundred thousand feet of CAT 6 UTP riser premise cable and fifteen hundred pieces of CAT 6 patch cords. They also used cable management products such as 7-foot 2-post distribution racks and finger ducts throughout the state of the art communication rooms. ICC’s National Sales Manager said, “The main terminal space had forethought and provides lots of room for expansion, rather than a closet where everyone is scratching their head wondering where they’re going to fit everything. The main distribution frame (MDF) area has seven full sized distribution racks with room for more. The intermediate distribution frame (IDF) location I saw also had room for expansion, despite four racks in it as well.” The site now consists of over 1400 CAT 6 HD modular connectors. While cable runs were close to maximum lengths allowed by the TIA/EIA standards, all channels tested out with not only “pass”, but with good margins. This site is also certified with Lifetime Warranty.

The project was contracted and procured through a few electrical service companies. The ICC Elite Installer was a pronounced low voltage installer in Wisconsin. The installer’s president has been a part of this industry for eight years and has a total of four technicians including him. “I chose ICC because I’ve had a long good standing relationship with ICC. I use their products because I am familiar with it and I can install it with confidence. I was able to save more than 35% on materials for this entire project. Based on all the testing we had, ICC was able to save us money and did not sacrifice any performance on their materials,” the president said.

ICC manufactures commercial and residential structured cabling solutions governed by strict ISO 9001:2000 standards; offering high-quality voice, data, audio, video, and fiber optic products. Since 1984, ICC has been offering end-to-end structured cabling solutions for data, voice, audio, video, and fiber optic connectivity for commercial and residential installations. ICC offers tens-of-thousands of modular connectors, faceplates, patch panels, patch cords, UTP cable, cable management racks, fiber optic solutions, raceway solutions, residential Net.Media Centers, and lots more.

“This is the first time we are using ICC products and I am very happy with the outcome and the installation,” the IT Director for Green Lake County said.