Simple System Upgrade Using ICC’s Wall Mount Racks

ICC Success Stories

ICC Wall Mount Rack

TX – A company outside Corpus Christi, Texas, hired an ICC Elite Installer to help upgrade their network. The project required an increase of 240 Category 5e data ports for supporting a 1G Base-T bandwidth. Due to the limited space in the telecom room, the Elite Installer recommended installing a wall mount rack. They also suggested configuring blank patch panels with CAT5e modular jacks and mounting them on the rack to make future moves, adds, and changes easy. The installer purchased a four-pack of CAT5e modular jacks because it came with a JackEasy tool. The tool can trim four pairs of wires simultaneously, reducing installation time. Using ICC’s CAT 5e bulk cable, they were able to install 24AWG UTP solid wires easily due to the EZ pull dispensing carton and convenient sequential markings on the outer jacket. The UTP solid wire cables were installed to ensure the performance and quality of the new system. CAT5e molded boot patch cords were also used to connect network equipment.