What is the difference between the EZ® and HD jacks?

Last modified: May 17, 2019
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ICC EZ Jacks provide: 

Pair-to-Pair, Single Row Terminates in Seconds!

  • Easy to terminate.
  • Fits all Classic and Elite faceplates
  • Fits single column Décorex style faceplates.
  • Fits all surface mount boxes
  • Not compatible with faceplate, inserts, blank panels that accept only HD modules.

ICC HD Jacks provide: 

High Density, Low Profile to Fit More Jacks in a Tight Space.

  • Fits all Décorex style faceplates
  • Fits all furniture faceplates
  • Fits all blank patch panels, surface mount boxes
  • High-density split pair termination

HD vs. EZ Keystone Jack comparison

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