Homes Turn Tech Savvy with ICC

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In today’s new construction, the implementation of structured cabling solutions in residential construction has become a necessity. Developers, architects, and builders must consider the voice, data, and video requirements of every room in new home construction, but due to the economic downturn and the depressed residential market, how do you implement a reasonable solution? ICC an established leader in providing structured cabling solutions provides high performance, reliable products at more reasonable prices compared to the premium brands. Preferred Telecommunications is just one installer that chooses ICC products for their construction work with a major home builder.

On a recent installation by Preferred Telecommunications with ICC products in a residential community, voice, data, and video outlets can be found throughout every home. The installed voice modules are capable of supporting 32 outlets so that phones can be installed in just about every imaginable location. The installed CAT5e data modules are capable of, supporting eight different 100 Mbps streams, supporting a digital phone system, or providing a reliable wired network for computers in the same house. The installed video modules can support digital audio and up to 1080p high definition video transmissions in up to 2 GHz frequencies supporting cable and satellite TV outlets.

Preferred Telecommunication uses ICC’s Net.Media Centers to house the residential modules and provide an organized and centralized source for media management. These enclosures offer all of the features that installers like Preferred Telecommunications need to properly complete their installation. Features such as hinged covers which are easy to access later should the residents require any service or changes are available. There are rubber grommets to protect incoming cables on entry into the enclosures and several lancing points for a neat cable arrangement within the enclosure. There are also push pin accommodating back boards making for highly compatible and easy to add on media centers. These centers also off power outlet knockouts to provide AC power to active components installed in the enclosure. Of course, there is an optional knock out for installing locks for restricted access.

An up and coming home community in Murrieta, California is one of the many communities where residents can enjoy ready-to-go voice, data, and video in their homes. Another set of homes used ICC Net.Media centers. With homes ranging from single story to two stories, 5,590 to 2,860 sq. ft homes, families can live luxuriously with technology steaming throughout their entire home. The homes used 14” Net.Media centers from ICC were installed in the master closet with voice distribution modules. Each home averages a total of 16 drops. There were a total of 600 homes which means the total number of drops was 9600.

“We have been using your product for over 10 years and it’s proven to be very reliable. You honor your warranty and simply your product can last and it is presentable,” Luis Larios, Preferred Telecommunications said. According to Larios, this installation was special due to the easy installation and the products. Larios knows that he is getting quality products which make them feel good because they trust ICC.

“We know the product will last, and in today’s world, customers need to know they are getting a good, reliable product installed in their home,” Larios said