Success Stories Prior to 2010

ICC Success Stories

North Carolina – Major hotel chain uses ICC CAT6 Jacks, patch panels and cable management for their expansion project.
California (HiPerLink) – Major Hispanic electronics and appliance retailer installed ICC HiPerlink CAT6.
New York – ICC complete end-to-end residential solutions are being utilized at prominent Manhattan high rise condominium building.
California -A public library uses ICC CAT6 jacks, patch panels, and premise cables for their improvement project.
California – A leading manufacturer of professional A/V system selects ICC outlets for a Disney project.
Virginia – A leading scientific genetic research firm uses ICC CAT6 patch cords, cables, jacks, patch panels at their facility.
Georgia (HiPerLink) – A training facility selects ICC HiPerLink CAT6A Cassette-to-Modular Connectors for their MAC’s project.
California – Local office of the Social Security Administration uses ICC’s complete CAT6 cabling solution for their remodeling project.
Rhode Island – ICC Residential Net.Media Centers and CAT6 products installed at Mercantile location.
California -An elementary and middle school K-8, uses ICC CAT6, fiber optics, racks and cable management for the expansion project.
Washington – Telecommunications service provider installed ICC at their control room data center.
Texas – An elementary school was installed with ICC CAT6 connectivity products for their network improvement project.
Maryland – An electric company control uses ICC CAT6 structured cabling solutions as part of their network upgrades.
North Carolina – U.S. Army chooses ICC CAT6 snap-in coupler and blank patch panels solutions to be used at the overseas base.
Virginia – An equipment installer installs ICC CAT6 connectivity.
Montana – (HiPerLink) ICC 10 Gig fiber optic solution installed at a hospital.
Louisiana – ICC CAT6 permanent link solution installed at a construction engineering company.
California – ICC cable management solution used at corporate offices.
Arizona – ICC CAT6 channel link solution installed at media offices.
California – ICC CAT6 channel link solution installed at a charitable organization location.
Arizona – ICC Residential solution installed at apartment complex.
California – ICC Fiber Optic solution installed at an amusement park.
California – Retail store installs ICC residential solution.
New Mexico – Los Lunas School District selects ICC CAT6 permanent link solution for campus.
California – Recycle company infrastructure with ICC structured cabling solutions.
Montana – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at the health clinic.
Utah – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at Telecommunications service provider
Utah – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at an aquatic center.
Montana – ICC Residential solutions installed at a major hotel chain.
California – ICC Residential solutions installed at the Jefferson at Hollywood luxury apartments.
Hawaii – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link system installed at the Department of Defense.
California – ICC CAT5e Permanent Link system installed at the library.
New England – A security company installs ICC voice and data connectivity.
Washington D.C. – A university chooses ICC Audio Connectivity for Square 54 development.
California – Data forum center Integration chooses ICC for their data connectivity needs.
Pennsylvania – Allentown School District chooses ICC CAT5e for connectivity.
California – ICC connectivity installed at a data room.
California – ICC CAT6 outlets installed at Livermore Unified School District offices.
Utah – ICC CAT5e Permanent Link system installed at a high school.
Michigan – ICC CAT6 Permanent link solution installed at a health center.
Wisconsin – ICC CAT6 Permanent Link solution installed at a conference center.
Colorado – ICC CAT5e permanent link system installed at a bio-laboratory.
Wyoming – ICC CAT5e connectivity installed at the church.
California – San Francisco Unified School district installs CAT5e solution.
Texas – ICC CAT6 permanent link solution installed at a University.
California – ICC CAT5e outlet solutions installed at a hospital in Los Angeles.
Pennsylvania – ICC fiber optic connectivity installed in a construction company.
Montana – A residential group utilizes ICC residential solutions at a major hotel.
New York – ICC CAT6 solution data closet inside an automotive building.
California – ICC CAT6 certified site cabling system installed at State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.
California – ICC CAT6 certified site cabling system installed at State of California Employment Development Department.
Washington D.C. , ICC CAT6 certified site cabling system installed at Saab Aircraft of America.
Texas – City of El Paso , downtown transit links 32 workstations with ICC CAT6 data cabling and ICC Lifetime Warranty.
New Jersey – Monmouth County Vo-Tech School District installs 88 outlets of ICC voice and data cabling.
New Jersey – An elementary school installed over 703 ICC voice and CAT6 data drops.
Illinois (HiPerlink) – A Fortune 500 company, chooses ICC’s CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for the corporate data center.
Texas (HiPerlink) – Quantlab Financial brokerage firm uses CAT6 HiPerlink Solution for hosted co-location at the data centers.
California (HiPerlink) – A retailer, chooses ICC CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for the corporate data center.
Indiana (HiPerlink) – A cancer treatment center, uses CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for cabling data center.
New York (HiPerlink) – A cultural community center, specifies ICC’s HiPerlink 10Gig copper and fiber solution.
New Mexico (HiPerlink) – A specialized testing center, chooses CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution.
Washington, D.C. (HiPerlink) – A bank chooses ICC’s CAT6 Cassette HiPerlink Solution for data center.
Texas (HiPerlink) – Greater Texas Federal Credit Union implements ICC’s CAT6 Cassette Hiperlink Solution for corporate data center.
British Virgin Islands (HiPerlink) – Government agency specifies ICC’s HiPerlink Fiber Solution for 10 Gig fiber deployment.
Canada (HiPerlink) – A tv company uses ICC’s HiPerlink Mobile Patch Box Solution for 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Pennsylvania (HiPerlink) – A social service agency, uses HiPerlink Fiber Cassettes for fiber between buildings.
Nevada (HiPerlink) – An insurance company uses CAT6 HiPerlink Cassette Solution for hosted co-location cabling needs.
Florida – ICC Category 6 cabling solutions used at Hernando County ‘s largest school…Explorer K-8.
Virginia – The Orthopedic Center of Central Virginia installs a new framework using ICC’s complete voice and data solutions.
California – 60,000 feet of ICC’s UTP cable was installed in a new California Department of Motor Vehicles branch.
Colorado – A scientific technology company installed ICC’s channel components.
Pennsylvania – Chettenham School District goes with ICC’s high performance voice and data network for Cedarbrook Middle School.
Pennsylvania – Chettenham School District chooses ICC for its voice and data cabling systems for Elkins Park School.
California – Over 600 ICC CAT5e data drops were installed at M.D.C. Meyer Distribution.
New Jersey – A middle school upgrades its network with over 750 ICC voice and data drops.
California – ICC’s high-performance CAT6 cabling system law firms.
California – ESL Power Systems manufacturing facility integrates ICC for its data network.
Washington – United Way of King County uses ICC for its network infrastructure.
Washington – A medical hospital implements ICC for its entire network system.
Wyoming – A public library was installed with ICC’s high-performance Category 5e data system.
California – Covina Valley Unified School District integrates ICC for Barrance Elementary School.
California – Covina Valley Unified School District integrates ICC at Cypress Elementary School.
Maryland – A college in Maryland expands its network using ICC.
Maryland – A developer of Malaria vaccines uses ICC structure cabling systems.
Pennsylvania – A Methodist church chooses ICC Category 5e cabling system for its data network.
Colorado – An air force base installs over 800 ICC data drops.
Virginia – A network broadcasting company uses ICC for their data connectivity.
Virginia – An airline, which operates some connections for major airlines installs ICC in their network.
Virginia – A provider of vehicle history reporting uses ICC for their data accessing needs.
Florida – A medical center ICC Category 6 solution in over 300 drops.
California – A home builder specifies ICC in luxury condominiums.
Virginia – One of the largest communications service providers uses ICC in 2400 drops.
Montana – An engineering firm installs ICC’s Category 6 cabling solution.
Maryland – One of the oldest and largest full-service law firms uses ICC at their headquarters.
Maryland – A leading edge consulting company for aerospace, installs ICC’s HiPerlink 1000 solution.
California – An electric company with over 250 drops built its network using ICC’s structured cabling solutions.
Montana – A Middle School utilizes ICC for there entire network infrastructure.
Virginia – A leading provider of engineering consulting services installs ICC high-performance Category 5e system.
California – A leading provider of mortgage services installs ICC and provides Lifetime Warranty.
New York – 800 Category 5e and Category 6 ICC data drops were installed at the famous Wyndham Hotel in Time Square South.
California – A fire station chooses ICC’s their high-performance voice and data network.
California – A fire station re-chooses ICC’s voice and data cabling system for their network.
Maryland – A research company focused on the creation of human cDNAs uses ICC’s CAT6 cabling system.