ICC Offers New 2010 Product Catalog

ICC Press Releases

Everything installers need for successful cabling installation can be found in ICC’s new commercial product catalog. It’s been redesigned to be more user-friendly and informative with vibrant application photos for easy and quick instructions. The new ICC catalog will be offered in three mediums.

Print Version
The new catalog uses thinner paper so it’s lighter and eco-friendly. It is easier to carry, lighter to mail, and three-hole punched, so the installer can put it in a ring binder.

ICC also offers an online version of the catalog. Customers can flip pages like a book, zoom in, search content by words or part numbers, and have the catalog available and ready for anyone to use where there is an internet connection.

PDF Version
The ICC catalog can also be downloaded in its entirety in one PDF file. The PDF version has a built-in bookmark and it’s also organized by a table of contents. Customers can search content by words or part numbers. Clients can also print single or multiple pages, for future reference, saving time and money. The entire catalog (17.9MB) can be saved onto a laptop, a USB stick, or a memory card to make it portable.

While Print version is the traditional method of reference, eCatalog is another convenient method when an internet connection is available. Simply bookmark the link and have access to ICC catalog anytime. For those who need the catalog on the go but do not want to carry heavy books, the PDF version is the choice.