Patented Dual Speaker Modules: The Simple Approach to Managing Audio Installations

ICC Press Releases

ICC has taken its patented Dual Speaker Module and made it even better. The original Dual Speaker Module has push buttons in the front and crimp terminals in the back which required installers to crimp speaker wires. The new design has push buttons on both front and back so that a tool is no longer required to install the module. Simply push buttons, insert wires, and you are done.

The new Dual Speaker Module is in slim (HD) housing. Home automation Installers can fit up to 6 Dual Speaker Modules into one faceplate, even in Decorex style (see picture). In other words, installers can wire an entire 5.1 surround sound system using only one single gang outlet. The new Dual Speaker Module accepts wires up to 16 AWG on both sides and is available in White (WH), Ivory (IV), Almond (AL), and Black (BK) housing.

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