Multimedia Environments Demand USB connectivity in Wall Outlets

ICC Press Releases

ICC releases two new USB modular couplers:
Type A-A with female to female connectors
Type A-B with female to female connectors (reversible)

ICC’s USB coupler is an aesthetically pleasing solution when installed in an ICC faceplate or surface mount box as a permanent USB receptacle. The reversible feature of type A-to-B USB coupler allows either type A or type B connector to be facing out.

With the increased usage of computer devices and peripherals in multimedia environments such as conference and classrooms, the demand for complimentary outlet connectivity has grown. USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become a de facto standard connection for peripheral devices. Devices now include telephones, digital cameras, modems, keyboards, mice, joysticks, external storage drives, scanners, and printers. USB connectivity most likely will not go away anytime soon.

ICC is one of the few low voltage manufacturers to introduce a USB modular coupler to provide connectivity compatible with an assortment of outlets and blank panels. ICC is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions in commercial and residential markets in voice, data, and audio, and video and fiber optic connectivity products.

Type A-to-A USB Coupler – Now
Type A-to-B USB Coupler – 4th Quarter, 2010