Toughest Distribution Enclosure in the Industry

ICC Press Releases

New to the ICC Net.Media™ Centerline is the 9” tough plastic distribution enclosure.

The new 9” Net.Media™ Center is designed to provide a distribution point for voice, data, audio/video and security of multiple-unit buildings. The enclosure’s design allows for internal modules to be mounted horizontally or vertically and its integrated snap-in module system enables users to quickly insert or move modules. Multiple knock-outs on top, bottom, back and sides support 2” conduit and facilitate cable routing and entry. Other features include an AC power outlet knock-out and padlock option for added security. Enclosures can be surface or flush-mounted and accommodate all Net.Media™ VDV Modules. The enclosure’s ABS molded plastic (UL94 VO rated) makeup keeps an equal, or better than, durability level as metal enclosures but at a lower cost. ICC’s 9” Net.Media Center proves to be tougher than other plastic enclosures from other manufacturers and is backed by ICC’s 3-Year Product Warranty.