5 Inch Horizontal Deep Finger Duct Panel 1 RMS ICCMSCMA15

5″ Horizontal Deep Finger Duct Panel in 1 RMS

Style: 5" D Finger Duct
  • Single Sided Finger Duct 1 RMS ICCMSCMA41
  • 5 Inch Horizontal Deep Finger Duct Panel 1 RMS ICCMSCMA15
  • Cable Management Interbay Plastic Panel and Cover in 1 RMS
  • Metal Vertical Ring Panel Cover 1 RMS ICCMSCMPK1
  • 3" Deep Front Cable Management Bracket Panel
  • 5" Deep Rear Cable Management Bracket Panel
  • Patch Panel Cable Management Bar ICMPP25CMB
  • Blank Cable Management Panel 1 RMS ICCMSCMPBL
Rack Space: 1
Packaging: Single
UPC: 633758092814

Country of Origin: China

Warning SymbolCalifornia Prop 65 Warning


ICC’s High Capacity Horizontal 5” deep Single-Sided Finger Duct Panels with 1 rack mount space (RMS) is designed to provide cable management horizontally on the front of a 2-post and 4-post racks and any 19” wide-wall mounted racks or brackets. The slotted break away fingers can be removed to allow the routing of large cable bundles. Each panel can accommodate up to 96 patch cords, horizontally organizing patch cords in any directions.


  • Provides flexibility for front cable management with a neat and clean appearance.
  • Designed with slotted ducts providing horizontal cable management.
  • High capacity manages and organizes up to 96 patch cords.
  • Designed to fit all standard 19” racks and cabinets.
  • Used with all racks and brackets.
  • UL 1863 compliant.


Material: 16 GA CRS
Surface Finish: liquid Black Coating
Finger Duct:
Material: PVC, UL 94V-0
Finish: Texture, Black
Material: PVC, UL 94V-0
Color: Black