Wall Mount Vertical Hinged Bracket with 18″ Depth and 8 RMS


The wall mount vertical hinged bracket is ideal for wall-mounting patch panels, hubs, routers, switches, and other networking equipment. The bracket offers rear access which facilitates punching down and simplifies installation. There are cable tie points throughout the vertical hinged bracket for cable management. The sturdy all-steel construction comes in a durable black powder coat finish. The bracket comes in 8 RMS to support 60 lbs. capacity. The 8 RMS version is available in 18-inch depth.


  • Designed with durable steel construction.
  • Ideal for installing voice and data equipment such as patch panels, active components, and cable management products.
  • Allows easy access during and after the installation.
  • Ideal for installations with space limitations prohibiting the use of floor racks.
  • Supports 60 pounds of equipment and 8 rack mount spaces (RMS).
  • 8 rack mount space (RMS) version is available in 18” depth.
  • Also available in 6 rack mount spaces (RMS).
  • Used with rack mount products.


Base: 16 Gauge CRS
Gate Assembly:
Top Support: 16 Gauge CRS
Bottom Support: 14 Gauge
Side Rails: 11 Guage
Surface Finish: Black Textured Powder Coat
16.25″ height x 19.75″ width x 18.09″ depth