Health Care System Awards Project to Certified Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

NJ – A health care system, based in Atlantic County, developed a 24-hour emergency care center in Hammonton, New Jersey. They awarded the project to an ICC Certified Elite Installer (CEI).

The CEI installed an ICC Category 6 (CAT6) cabling system and tested it to the TIA permanent link spec. They pulled 62,000 feet of riser-rated CAT6 cable and installed a total of 250 CAT6 drops. In the work areas, faceplates with station IDs were configured with CAT6 keystone connectors and installed at the outlets. Between the rooms, 2-inch and 4-inch J-Hooks were used to route cables along walls. In the telecom room, they installed seven-foot distribution racks with vertical and horizontal finger duct panels. The CEI mounted CAT6 48-Port patch panels and fiber optic enclosures loaded with LC adapter panels to the racks. A ladder rack kit was used to route cables overhead from the racks to conduit exiting the room.

After the installation, the CEI registered the site with ICC’s Lifetime Performance Warranty. They also qualified to earn 2% back in rewards because they are a member of ICC’s Elite Installer Program and their purchases of ICC products exceeded $10,000.

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