Law Firm Installs CAT6 Structured Cabling System

ICC Success Stories

NV – A law firm located in Las Vegas, NV, hired an ICC Certified Elite InstallerTM (CEI) to expand their network. After reviewing the firm’s operating systems, the installer recommended a Category 6 (CAT6) structured cabling system. ICC’s CAT6 cabling system has been factory tested and certified up to 7.6dB NEXT headroom when installed per TIA® specification. The system can support 10/100/1000 Base-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet, digital video, and IEEE 802.3at for POE Plus.

The installer chose to reduce their cost of materials by purchasing ValuePacks. ValuePacks, also known as bulk packs, are designed to help lower the cost per unit and reduce packaging waste. The carton is resealable which allows the products to be stored away and protected until the next project. The CEI chose 400-Pack of modular jacks which includes a free JackEasy termination tool. The tool can terminate all four pairs of twisted wires, simultaneously, and with just one squeeze. They also chose faceplates in 25-Pack and CAT6 patch panels in 6-Pack.

During installation, 55 data drops were connected and over 7,500 feet of ICC CAT6 Plenum rated bulk cable was pulled throughout the firm. Cable with a white jacket was used to help identify specific applications; such as phones, cameras, access controls, and access points.

After the installation, the Certified Elite Installer emailed ICC the 15-year performance warranty registration form with their invoices to register the cabling system. ICC issued a proof-of-warranty certificate within 24 hours of submission.