Medical Center Installs CAT6 Structured Cabling System

ICC Success Stories

NE – A local medical center near Grand Island, Nebraska recently hired an Elite Installer to expand the medical facility’s structured cabling system. The installer chose green, yellow, gray and white ICC Premise Cable. Each color represented and Gigabit Ethernet application. 64,000 feet of ICC CAT6 plenum and riser-rated ICC Premise Cable was pulled to connect 528 drops from the Work Areas to the Telecommunications Room (TR). A 2-post distribution rack was secured to the floor in the TR. CAT6 patch panels in 48 and 24 port were then mounted to the rack, including horizontal finger duct panels which helped manage the patch cords. The Elite Installer was able to lower their cost by purchasing ValuePacks.  They bought CAT6 modular jacks and classic faceplates in bulk. Most importantly, their purchases of ICC products reach over $10K, which qualifies them to earn 2% back in rewards.