Utah Major Hotel Installs CAT6 Structured Cabling System

ICC Success Stories

UT – A major Hotel in Salt Lake City recently hired an ICC Elite Installer to improve their networking system. This project required upgrading their structured cabling system to Category 6 performance where the installer pulled over 84,000 feet of blue and white, plenum rated ICC premise cable. The installation required 100 voice drops and over 500 data drops. ICC’s REELEX II tangle-free coiling, pull box design, and significant payout tube made this step easy. Next, the installer configured CAT6 EZ® jacks into 1,2,3 and 4-Port blank configurable faceplates in each of the luxurious hotel rooms. (22) Twenty-four port 1 RMS blank patch panels were a natural choice to mount on (2) floor mount 2-post distribution racks condensing their structured cable system. The installer added horizontal finger ducts to route cable coming into the distribution rack giving a neat and clean look. Last, the installer guided the plenum cable on top of the distribution racks using a 10’ runway ladder rack. The ladder was connected to the wall using a wall support angled kit, which made it safe and secure. Best of all, their purchases of ICC products reach over $10K, which qualifies them to earn 2% back in rewards.