A North Carolina High School Awards a Data Cabling Contract to an ICC Certified Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

NC – An ICC Certified Elite Installer was awarded a data cabling contract to install three structured cabling systems in a high school; Category 6A (CAT 6A), Category 6 (CAT 6), and fiber optic.

The project required an installation of around 1700 data drops.

The CAT 6A and CAT 6 systems consisted of RJ45 keystone jacks and 110-type patch panels. The jacks were installed into 2-port single-gang faceplates with station ID and 2-port surface mount boxes at the outlets. The patch panels were installed on racks at the cross-connect.

The fiber optic system consisted of Classic LC-LC fiber optic LGX® compatible adapter panels with aqua multimode adapters and blue singlemode adapters. The adapter panels were loaded into fiber optic enclosures and mounted onto the racks.

Cable management was used to organize and route the cabling. 78-Inch double-sided vertical finger ducts were mounted on the sides and in between distribution racks. 2 RMS horizontal finger duct panels were mounted on the racks in the patching areas. 2-inch and 4-inch j-hooks were mounted along walls.

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