A New Jersey Elementary School Awards a Data Cabling Contract to an ICC Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

NJ – An ICC Elite Installer was awarded a data cabling contract to install a Category 6A (CAT 6A) and Category 6 (CAT 6) structured cabling system in an elementary school located in New Jersey.

The project required an installation of around 1600 data drops, where the Elite Installer pulled 30,000 feet of 650MHz CAT 6A bulk cable with 23 AWG UTP solid wires and CMR jacket and 30,000 feet of 500Mhz CAT 6 bulk cable with 23 AWG UTP solid wires and CMR jacket.

24-port high density (HD) blank patch panels were installed at the cross-connect. Single-gang junction boxes and 1-port surface mount boxes were installed at the outlets. The patch panels and outlets were configured with CAT 6A keystone connectors and CAT 6 keystone connectors according to the project’s requirements.

Eight hundred feet of cable raceway section in a 160-foot bulk pack helped route cable to the junction boxes.

After the installation, the system’s permanent link was tested and passed the TIA® spec.

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