What do the jacket markings mean on ICC bulk cables?

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All ICC bulk cable has the markings on the table above (except PN)

    • CMR – Riser Rated Cable
    • CMP – Plenum Rated Cable
  • TIA Standard MHz – The industries standard of Megahertz rating
  • MHz – ICCs cable Megahertz rating
    • UTP – Unshielded Twisted Pair
    • FTP – Foiled Twisted Pair (Shielded)
  • Temperature Rated – The Jackets temperature rating
  • Pairs – How many twisted pairs the cable obtain
  • Wire Size – The size of each cable in American Wire Gauge
  • Performance Verified – ETL & UL verify the performance of all ICC bulk cable
  • Safety Verified – UL verifies the safety rating of all ICC bulk cable

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