Vertical Cable Management Channel 4-Pack

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Fullerton, California – We are pleased to announce the new 40″ Vertical Cable Management Channel available in a 4-Pack (No. ICCMSC40BK).

ICC’s 40″ vertical cable management channel costs 40% less than a traditional 7ft metal channel and is designed to be stacked and mounted on the left or right sides of 2-post and 4-post distribution racks.  It can also be installed in between racks to join them together.  Latches on the front can swivel open allowing large amounts of cable to be fed through and preventing them from falling out.  Covers snap onto the channel to conceal cables and provide a neat and clean appearance.  Compared to tall and single-piece channels, we have built them 40 inches high to help prevent damage during shipping, lower shipping cost, and make it easier to handle.  Four channels with covers are packaged together in a single box.

About ICC

ICC is a manufacturer of commercial and residential structured cabling products governed by strict ISO 9001:2008 standards.  With over 30 years of innovation, ICC products have established a reputation for premium quality, proven performance, and competitive prices supporting voice, data, audio, video and fiber optic connectivity.