ICC Raceway Ceiling Entry and Clip ICRW22CMIV

1 1/4″ Cable Raceway Ceiling Entry and Clip

Raceway Type: Ceiling Entry
  • Raceway Section in 20-Pack
  • Raceway Section in Individual Packaging
  • ICC Raceway Ceiling Entry and Clip ICRW22CMIV
  • ICC Raceway Outside Corner in 10 Pack ICRW110CIV
  • Raceway Outside Corner and Base in 10 Pack
  • ICC Raceway Inside Corner ICRW22NCIV
  • ICC Raceway Flat Elbow ICRW22FEIV
  • ICC Raceway Flat Elbow and Base ICRW22EBIV
  • ICC Raceway End Cap ICRW22ECIV
  • ICC Raceway Joint Cover ICRW22JCIV
  • ICC Raceway Tee ICRW22TEIV
  • Raceway Reducer
Raceway Width: 1 1/4 IN
Length per Stick:
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Country of Origin: United States

Warning SymbolCalifornia Prop 65 Warning


ICC’s raceway fittings are designed to snap onto raceway sections to help route low-voltage cables. The ceiling entry comes in 1 1/4″ and with a mounting clip. The fitting maintains a minimum bend radius of one inch for copper and optical fiber cables, even when filled to capacity. Raceway fittings come in retail-ready packaging. Thick plastic bags are used to protect the product from damage. The bags have a perforated edge to simplify opening and eliminating the need for a knife or scissors.


  • Designed to use for cables entering from the ceiling.


Ceiling Entry: High Impact Styrene
Mounting Clip: High Impact Styrene
Color XX: IV-Ivory, WH-White