Vertical Plastic Finger Duct for 7′ Rack, Side or Center Mount, 4″W x 5″D, Two 7 ft. sets (Four 35″ pcs.)

UPC: 633758093422

Country of Origin: United States

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ICC offers a finger duct channel designed to manage cable vertically on the front or rear of a floor mount distribution rack. Organizing cables coming into the rack improves airflow and helps passive cooling. Four finger duct channels are packaged together. Each channel is 35″ tall which makes it easy to ship using common carriers and prevents damage. Two finger duct channels can create a 70″ vertical pathway when stacked. The channel has a 4″ width and a 5″ depth to manage large amounts of cable. Large holes are positioned on the rear of the duct which helps feed cables into the channel. The duct is designed with flexible fingers to provide cables a safe integral bend radius. Compared to traditional fingers, the spacing between them has been increased up to 1.30″ to help guide cables between equipment. Two steel brackets are included and can be installed for two mounting options; on the side or in-between racks with standard EIA hole spacing. Two screws are used to install each bracket onto the panel to keep perfect alignment. A non-slip cover is included to conceal cables and provide a clean appearance. The cover can stay in place and in a vertical orientation when vibrations occur.


  • Mounts on the side and in-between racks.
  • Feed-through holes help route cable from the rear.
  • Mounting bracket is pre-installed to finger duct for easy installation of vertical finger duct.
  • Compatible with most TIA specification distribution racks.
  • Modular design to suit today’s cable management requirements.
  • Two pack assembly for 7-Foot rack.
  • Can be easily shipped using common carriers.
  • Ships in four pack, 4″ W, 5″ D, 35″ L.


Duct Panel:
Material: PVC, UL 94V-0
Color: Black
Duct Cover:
Material: PVC, UL 94V-0
Color: Black
Material: 16 GA CRS
Surface Finish: Black Powder Coat