A Call Center Awards a Cabling Contract to an ICC Elite Installer

ICC Success Stories

AZ – An ICC Elite Installer was awarded a cabling contract for a call center in East Tucson, Arizona. The installer built the network using an ICC Category 6 (CAT6) structured cabling system. The installation includes 80,000 feet of CAT6 plenum cable and 400 data drops. In addition to sixteen CAT6 7-foot clear boot patch cords in a 25-Pack (blue), two 3-panel 1RMS fiber optic rack mount enclosures, twelve 3-meter 50/125 (OM3) fiber optic patch cables 10G (aqua), and eight 2-inch ceiling mount J-Hooks in a 25-Pack were installed to complete the network.

Upon completing the installation, the Elite Installer tested and passed the system to TIA® spec.

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